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Guide to Zurich
Guide to Zurich

Interesting places and facts about the city Zurich in Switzerland

Zurich is a global city, located in the northeast of Switzerland, the so-called country of lakes. Today the largest city of one of the richest countries in Western Europe is an important financial and scientific center, where famous international companies and banks placed their headquarters because of the extremely low taxes. In 2012, Monocle magazine named Zurich the city with the best QOL (quality of life). However, Zurich can’t be called a strict and gray financial capital. The history of ancient European city started more than two thousand years ago, when there were formed the first settlements founded by the Romans. The well-preserved historic city center invites tourists to admire the wonderful architectural masterpieces such as the Fraumünster Church, the Romanesque-style Grossmünstera and St. Peter Churches. scantri bv offers travelers from around the world a great opportunity to see the heart of Switzerland and discover all of its priceless treasures. Zurich is the center of cultural life and the richest city in Europe, located on the north bank of Lake Zurich.
Despite the fact that Zurich is considered a very expensive city, it is not difficult to find here more affordable restaurants that can offer the foreign tourists try local specialties. scantri advises visitors of the city to walk around the city center to choose a suitable restaurant where you can enjoy Swiss fondue. The budget restaurants mainly specialize in Italian cuisine, so pizza, risotto and pasta are really popular dishes in Zurich.

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