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Guide to Zagreb
Guide to Zagreb

Interesting places and facts about the city Zagreb in Kroatia

The history of Zagreb began in 1094, when Ladislaus I has established a bishopric here. The city was founded by the merger of two towns called Kaptol and Gradec. Even today, visitors can admire the medieval capital city, which is perfectly preserved to this day and deserved the title of a cultural and political center of Croatia. The largest city in the country with a population of more than 800 000 people is full of ancient cultural monuments, which are located mainly in the north-eastern part of Zagreb. In the southern part of the city are located modern shopping centers, hotels, cozy cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces decorated with flowers.

Attractions & Entertainment

The Southern European capital brings tourists from around the world the opportunity to become better acquainted with the culture of Croatia through its numerous museums, parks, galleries, monasteries, and cathedrals. First of all the foreign travelers are advised to go to the Zagreb Cathedral, the tallest building in the country and the main attraction of the city. Next to it you will also find the Bishops Palace and St. Francis' Church. If you are going go to the lower city, be sure to visit the Archaeological Museum and the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters. Go to the eastern part of Zagreb to admire the English-style park "Maksimir", the first large public park in Eastern Europe. The English-style Mirogoj Cemetery is also considered one of the most noteworthy landmarks in Zagreb and beautiful cemeteries in Europe.
Among the museums of the capital tourists usually highlight the Mimara Museum, housing about 4 thousand works of art. Search for European painting ages 14-18 in the Gallery of Old Masters, and then go to the Klovicha Palace, the art gallery where you can get acquainted with the work of the best Croatian artists. The city has 22 museums, 31 galleries and 16 theaters, the most famous of which is considered the Croatian National Theatre, built in the late 19th century. Cultural life is not limited to artistic and architectural monuments: every day the trade shows, business meetings, congresses and other events with the support of the European authorities are held in Zagreb.
Zagreb is full of restaurants of different formats, which offer visitors traditional Croatian dishes as well as a great selection of seafood and Italian dishes. The Croatian cuisine restaurant Katedralls is best suited for exploring the local culinary delights. Luxurious design blends perfectly with the magnificent views of the local attractions. Croatian cuisine is not multinational, but rather multifaceted. Separate regions of the country have different culinary traditions, which came here from Italy, France, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, and other neighboring countries. Be sure to try the traditional "Prshut", cured meat often served as a wine appetizer.
Visit the old part of the city to find gifts, souvenirs, and clothes at the lowest prices. Usually, tourists pay special attention to the local liquors and world-famous wines. Making a major purchase, do not forget to remind the seller of the Tax Free system, which involves a return of the amount of tax directly at the airport. The modern Zagreb has a large number of shopping centers such as Avenue Mall, Centar Kaptol, WestGate Shopping City, and others. Here you will find perfumes, high-quality shoes, clothes, sweet souvenirs, and curious goods for children.

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