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Guide to Willemstad
Guide to Willemstad

Interesting places and facts about the city Willemstad in Antilles

The old town of Willemstad is one of the pearls of the Antilles. It is the administrative and cultural center of the island of Curacao. The region's geographical feature is the beauty of the harbor created by nature itself. The capital was founded in the 17th century as a trading settlement. A narrow but deep Sint Anna Bay channel divides the city into 2 parts - east and west. The harbor and the inner part of Willemstad are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city impresses visitors with its scale and a beautifully preserved historic district. There were no wars and troubles in history of settlement, so the city has been developing and flourishing for over a century. Rich merchants built their Dutch-style mansions here. After all, the Dutch were the owners of this magnificent town. Thus the city turned into a miniature Amsterdam. A variety of historical monuments, landmarks and attractions make Willemstad a real cultural center.
Mikve Israel-Emanuel is the oldest functioning synagogue in the Western part of the earth and just a popular tourist destination. Religious monastery attracts both pilgrims and ordinary tourists. It also houses the Jewish Historical Cultural Museum. Another historical and religious landmark is the Old Church Museum located on the territory of Fort Amsterdam. The shrine keeps the relics and artifacts of the Dutch Protestants.

Places to visit in Willemstad

Nature lovers should be ready to explore Christoffel National Park. The flora and fauna are represented in almost all species on the area of ​​4,000 acres. There are several routes, which can by explored by car, foot or horseback. The cliffs and caves are decorations of the park. The history of the island caves is multifaceted and even mysterious. There are ancient Hato Caves where local Indians lived more than 2,000 years ago. The area of the caves occupies about 5 thousand square meters. In the early 90s, this natural monument was renovated and opened to the public by decree of the Government.

Places to visit with children

Along with adults, their kids and teens will enjoy visiting Dolphin Academy. It is a popular place for family vacation. Trained dolphins are happy to communicate with all visitors. The Oceanarium should become the next destination. The whole aquarium complex is unique in its kind. It provides an excellent opportunity for children to get acquainted with exotic marine creatures of the Caribbean Sea.

A paradise for gourmets

Fine cuisine and entertainment are inseparable in Willemstad. Although seafood dishes are absolute leaders. Restaurants compete among themselves in the originality of cooking and serving seafood. Fans of Indian, Brazilian as well as international and national cuisines will enjoy a large selection of high-level restaurants. Open terraces and picturesque views.are waiting for visitors in the warmer months. Some cafés will surprise foreign travelers by the low prices and excellent quality of food.

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