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Guide to Wellington
Guide to Wellington

Interesting places and facts about the city Wellington in New Zealand

Wellington, the southernmost capital in the world, is the capital of New Zealand and one of the largest cities in Oceania with a population of about 200 thousand. Due to the climatic characteristics and strong storm winds city is often called the "City of Winds", and some even compare it to Hollywood in connection with a well-developed film industry in the region (Wellywood). The beautiful green city founded in 1839 has more than 100 parks, where locals and tourists often spend their free time. In addition to natural beauty, a major port and a pleasant climate Wellington is known for one of the highest living standards in the world (the 3rd according to Mercer in 2012). Commercial, industrial, and financial center of New Zealand accomodates the main offices of international organizations and leading New Zealand companies, including the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and New Zealand stock exchange (NZX).
Wellington offers tourists a lot of theatrical scenes, historical and art museums, restaurants, and exhibitions. Here, the international arts festivals, including the grand New Zealand International Comedy Festival or the Wellington Folk Festival are held almost every month. Wellington is a famous film industry center, where operate the local Paramount, Roxy Cinema departments, and Weta Digital, the special effects studio with a worldwide reputation. In addition, the reputable New Zealand International Film Festival takes place in the capital of New Zealand every year. "Te Papa" Museum together with PATAKA Museum of Arts and Cultures will acquaint visitors with the cultural life of the country and its famous artists.
The cozy and welcoming New Zealand city amazes visitors with an abundance of modern architectural structures, bridges, tunnels, and spacious parks. New Zealand Parliament Buildings, a unique monument to the history of New Zealand with the famous "Beehive" building represents a whole complex of buildings open to the public from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Opposite the central library, which houses over 400,000 of printed publications is the former Government Palace, the second largest wooden building inthe world. The majestic Cathedral of St. Paul and the local zoo with open enclosures are also often visited by foreign travelers. Do not forget to visit another important landmark: Wellington Botanic Garden, which includes the National Observatory.
Tired of endless sightseeing and historical references? Set aside a cultural part of the journey and have fun in the noisy night capital. If you are looking for new experiences, go to Courtenay district where you will find the famous Cuba Street accommodating cafes, restaurants, and night clubs with their bright night lights and rousing music. Feeling hungry? Visit Heaven Woodfired Pizza, New Zealand to try a pizza or go to the Apartment bar to find the best cocktails in the city. Walking through the Wellington Waterfront can become a great end of a busy day.
The total number of restaurants in the relatively small city is about 500. The central part of Wellington offers the highest density of restaurants, not only in the capital but throughout the country. The middle-class restaurants will offer you traditional European side dishes, steaks, and desserts at prices ranging from 5 to 45 USD depending on taste preferences and your budget. For example, Ambel restaurant is known for its fried venison fillet, juicy beef and crisp with herbs. The multi-ethnic local food is amazing. French, Irish, Indian, Russian, Thai, Mexican and, of course, Japanese restaurants are happy to offer you the favorite dishes of the world's nations.

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