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Guide to Warsaw
Guide to Warsaw

Interesting places and facts about the city Warsaw in Poland

Poland is famous for its tourist destinations and unique cities with a medieval architecture, but its majestic capital tops the list of the most visited cities of the big European country. The largest city in Poland with a population of about 2 million and its official capital since 1596 has gone through wars and conquests and preserved cultural monuments of different eras to our days. The so called "Paris of the East" lies on the picturesque banks of the Vistula River and attracts foreigners with its natural landscapes, parks, churches, and an atmospheric architecture. Usually Poles go to Warsaw in order to develop a career, get an education in the best universities in Eastern Europe and find new experiences.

Cafes and restaurants

Warsaw with its capital status surprises guests with affordable business lunches, frequently offered even by restaurants of middle and high class. Here you can have a tasty meal for only 15-20 PLN. The developed fast-food restaurants network will also help a budget traveler to save on food - go to the nearest KFC, McDonald's or Burger King and order a tasty burger! The abundance of inexpensive restaurants of national cuisine will allow the most curious tourists to learn more about the Polish culinary traditions just for 20-40 PLN. For example, the popular Polka restaurant invites their guests to try traditional bigos, tartar or Zhurka.
Without a doubt, the Royal Castle located in the Castle Square is the main city Landmark. Inspect the castle from inside, make memorable photos and look at the museum exhibits which tell a lot about Polish history. The Old Town is a one big recognizable attraction inscribed on the List of World Heritage by UNESCO, which contains paved medieval streets, ancient churches, cozy houses, and other historical reconstructions. Be sure to visit Łazienki Park with the famous Palace on the Water, one of the few places survived the war in the 20th century. Nearby is Fryderyk Chopin Museum, one of the most interesting museums of the capital among which Historical Museum of Warsaw, National Museum, and the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum.
Move around the city by public transport: here, buses, trams, and metro run on schedule, have inexpensive cost and offer favorable one day passes for 15 PLN. Universal travel tickets at the price of 3 to 7 PLN allow you to conveniently manage money and make productive use of time. Many Poles and visitors choose a bike as the main means of transportation. Why not? There are many bike lanes and a few companies in the city that can offer rental bikes for only 1 PLN per hour. Before renting a car in Warsaw take into account the fact that the old town is closed for cars. Only locals and taxi can freely drive on territory of the capital's cultural complex, the others will pay a fine of 220 PLN.
The most popular stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls, including the "Arkadia" with more than 200 shops and "Golden terraces" shopping centers are generally located in the city center. It should be noted that Polish malls are also entertainment centers, which concentrate cafes, restaurants, cinemas, restaurants and clubs. In addition to familiar brands and retailers tourists are advised to pay attention to the local Polish clothing, knitwear, and jewelry while walking through the shopping malls. For example, inexpensive Polish cosmetics is very popular among European tourists. Budget tourists better go to the "44 Marivilska" fair, where they will find low cost goods and colorful souvenirs.

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