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Guide to Vilnius
Guide to Vilnius

Interesting places and facts about the city Vilnius in Lithuania

Vilnius is a capital of present-day Lithuania and an old European city, which was founded by the legendary Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania in the 14th century. First of all foreign tourists should visit the Old Town, where they can admire the famous octagonal Gediminas’ Tower and the St. Anne's Church, built in the Gothic style. A wide variety of architecture testifies to long and rich history of the beautiful city. The amazing churches, towers, medieval fortifications, and typical narrow streets indicate the interlacing of European, Byzantine, Roman, and Asian cultures. Explore the neighborhood of the old Baltic cultural center, sitting behind the wheel of a luxury car. can find you the cheapest car rental for the exciting trip with a wide range of car sizes and available locations. Need to rent an economical sedan or a powerful SUV in Vilnius? Look no further and let us help you make your weekend more comfortable.The relatively small size of the capital of Lithuania may impact on the hotel choice. If you prefer budget hotels or hostels, our managers will help you find the best hotel located just 15-20 minutes from the city center. We will book a nice room for a couple or family in advance to avoid troubles.How to get to Vilnius quickly, comfortably and safely? Fortunately, our managers know the right answer to this frequently asked question. All you need to do is to provide us with details. After that, we will book flights to Lithuania at the lowest prices.

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