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Any tourist knows this city as the capital of Austria, the musical capital of Europe, and finally, the "white city". It is impossible to underestimate the strategic importance of Vienna for the country, because here are located all the main banks’ offices, the largest river port, industrial enterprises, and government offices, including the fact that its population is steadily approaching two million people. Vienna is the third most important city for the UN, along with New York and Geneva. The city is famous for its rich cultural history, which brings together the world's classics such as Schubert, Mozart, and Beethoven with the greatest Gothic, Baroque and postmodern architects and innovators, such as Hundertwasser and Otto Wagner.


Speaking of interesting places worth visiting, should definitely be noted the museums, the monuments of architecture, and of course the palaces of Vienna. If you want to see where the Austrian emperors of the Habsburg dynasty used to spend their summer days, be sure to visit Schonbrunn residence, one of the largest Austrian Baroque buildings, which can be easily reached from the city center in just five minutes. Don’t forget Belvedere, Ringstrasse, and St. Stephen's Cathedral, if the national architecture symbols are of a particular interest for you. Talking about musical sights of the same value, the only competitor to the above is Wiener Staatsoper, outrageous and unforgettable Vienna State Opera.
The city is literally riddled with invisible discoveries, such as "Butterfly House", located in the Burggarten palace park, "Coffee Museum" or Kaffeemuseum on Vogelsanggasse, 36, a treasure trove of the Teutonic Knights in the monastery between St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Treasury, Vienna Gasometers on Guglgasse, 6, and much more. Name but a few street musicians playing Schrammelmusik on accordion and double guitar right in the center of the city, as well as Hundertwasser House - the most unusual house in the whole Austria, where you can find almost no symmetry!
Children will definitely appreciate the Prater - a large recreation area in Vienna, consisting of amusement park, and simple but very interesting green zone. Schönbrunn Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world, which was recognized already four times as the best zoo in Europe. Vienna Ferris wheel will allow you to watch the city from a height of 70 meters, while a hike through the Vienna woods, Wiener Wald, will plunge you into the mysterious and beautiful atmosphere of the tales by Brothers Grimm.

Night life

Can you imagine what the musical capital of Europe can offer to the fans of nightclubs? Praterdome is the biggest discotheque in Austria: the audience of different ages rests on several floors and enjoys the world stars’ music. Trendy Nightclub Volksgarten Clubdiskothek, which is located in the Volksgarten park near the Imperial Palace - unforgettable moments in Deep House, Electro, and Oriental styles. Elite club Take Five in the very heart of Vienna, named after the famous jazz song of Dave Brubeck is special place for elegant high society. If this is not enough, just wandering the streets of the center will surely give your the exquisite place to spent a night!
What gastronomy might attract tourists in Vienna? Naturally, Vienna sausages, which are best to buy in the authentic street stalls like Wuerstelstand, Viennese schnitzel in Schnitzelwirt, Viennese strudel and Sachertorte in the eponymous Sacher restaurant, well and drink the classic "café liégeois" in one of my favorite cafes of Sigmund Freud, Landtmann in the center of Vienna.

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