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Guide to Treviso
Guide to Treviso

Interesting places and facts about the city Treviso in Italy

Treviso is a small Italian city in the province of Veneto, which offers all the traditional features of Italy. The history dating back to the Ancient Roman era, heady landscapes, friendly and hospitable locals - everything is in abundance here. The most unusual feature of Treviso is the similarity with Venice, it is often called the "Miniature Venice." All its paths, streets and bridges are located along canals and lakes.

Interesting Attractions of Treviso

On the central square of the city there are several medieval palaces. The 13th-century Palazzo Dei-Trecento stands out among them with its majesty. Its name can be translated as "Palace of Three Hundred", and it is connected with the number of the city rulers who sat and took decisions here. Another city landmark is the Duomo Cathedral built in the 12th century. Its imposing building with austere features and a high massive bell tower impress every guest. Inside, the religious complex is decorated with frescoes, here you can see paintings by Titian and other masters of the Renaissance.

Places to visit in Bari Treviso

The Church of St. Catherine is quite an interesting place. It houses a museum displaying a collection of archaeological finds from the vicinity of Treviso dating from the 2nd century BC to the Medieval period. Perhaps the most photographed attraction is Fontana delle Tette, which translates as "The Fountain of Tits.". Treviso is associated with the names of great people. For example, inside the ancient Church of San Francesco you can see the tombs of Dante's son and Petrarch's daughter. Obra Lunga Festival is held in Treviso every year. All interested persons are given a map of the city with bars and restaurants, in each of which they should drink a glass of wine.
In Treviso, there is a wonderful entertainment complex for children called Parco degli Alberi Parlanti. There are many presentations, master classes and show programs, you can learn something new about dinosaurs and even dragons as well as participate in various experiments. The rope park is also in high demand - its quite a difficult obstacle course will be interesting for older children and even their parents.

Restaurants and Cuisine of Treviso

Local cuisine does not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmets. Local chefs know their business, the choice of national dishes is extensive, and the wines from local vineyards have been widely recognized throughout the world.
Mardivino restaurant located on Via Canizano specializes in cooking fish and seafood. It serves great trout with branded sauce, scallops cooked in an unusually tasty way. There is a warm, friendly, almost family atmosphere highly appreciated by tourists and locals.

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