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Guide to Tokyo
Guide to Tokyo

Interesting places and facts about the city Tokyo in Japan

Have you ever dreamed about visiting Japan? Start the acquaintance with this wonderful country with Tokyo, its magnificent capital city. The financial, administrative, industrial, and cultural center of Japan has the form of a huge ultramodern metropolis. You will hardly be able to see all its sights and cultural monuments even for a few months. It's very difficult to describe Tokyo with ordinary words: it is easy to lose track of time among high-tech buildings and amazing views of old Japan. Plunge into the crazy world of the large Honshu island in order to understand this city better and leave your mark here forever.

Geographical features

The heart of Japan has the largest urban economy in the world despite the location of the island and dangerous seismic activity. Tokyo is situated on the Kanto plain on the south-east of the Honshu island, the Pacific coast. The population of over 13 million people according to official figures has caused a very high population density, which you will certainly feel on arrival. Besides the city itself the Tokyo metropolitan area includes the island territories, special districts, and Tama area.
You will need a lot of time in order to discover Tokyo from different sides. If you have a few days off, you should pre-determine what you are interested in first and foremost: antiquity, futuristics, parties or a soul of the city. It is necessary to turn off the noisy streets, and then you will find yourself among the unique Japanese gardens that make a traveler think about the eternal values. Here we should highlight the Yoyogi Park, Happoen Garden of eight landscapes, and Hamarikyu alley, where you will find the largest pine tree in Japan. Walk a little further and enjoy pacified Buddhist temples, the history of which began more than 1,400 years ago with the appearance of Senso-ji Temple.
Like any other cultural capital, Tokyo offers a huge number of theaters and museums. The traditional Japanese performances are held often and everywhere, although it is expensive enough pleasure for most tourists. For example, a good seat may cost from 15 000 JPY higher. If you are thinking about where to spend time with friends, visit the Womb Tokyo or Ageha, the most bustling and famous night clubs in the Japanese capital. At the same time a warm and homely atmosphere can be found in cozy bars, located on the Golden Gai Street. Walking by Kabukicho red-light street, on the contrary, will make your trip more striking and exotic.
Tokyo can be called one of the best cities to travel with children. In addition to ubiquitous entertainment and amusement rides, caring mother can find here a room with changing tables directly on the subway, elevators for baby carriages can be found almost at each staircase. Searching for the café offering a children's menu and special furniture will not become a problem as well. Japanese have built the Disneyland and Disney Sea in Tokyo to entertain older children. A huge number of science museums and zoos will also satisfy the most curious and intelligent kids.

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