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Guide to Tasmania
Guide to Tasmania

Interesting places and facts about the city Tasmania in Australia

Just imagine that you are in a completely new and unique world, in which you can see animals and plants just like nowhere else. Nice to meet you, Tasmania! This place was inhabited only by Bushmen, the aboriginal people, but the civilization has reached yet here. The island became home to the exiled British in the past, but the "island of inspiration" - today.

Learn To Navigate

It would be enough to know the island's capital, Hobart, along with its interesting suburbs to safely travel here, but also you should notice Flinders Island and the eastern shore, few other cities of Launceston and Tamar, and the northern part of the island, which is also known as North-West Coast with the "capital" of Devonport . Only the Northwest Territories remain that also have what to surprise with.

Safari By Road

Based on the fact that Tasmania is a paradise of wild but well equipped roads, traveling to these places by car will be a real adventure for the whole family. Having the license and usual credit card you can safely go on an impromptu safari and look for dwarf wallaby, kangaroo, and other denizens of the wild. If you prefer fresh air and active sports - rent a bicycle in any of the cities, and become a part of some popular cyclo tours that can last 1 or even as much as 25 days!
Culinary and restaurants are characterized by stable British influence. But after the historical arrival of migrants from around the world, representatives of almost all cuisines of the world came too! From the local "yummies" better choose lobster, salmon, and rare deep sea fish called "largehead", and of course, lots of clams for every taste! Be sure to buy Tassie Dining Card. This is more than just a discount. It is a dining card that is valid in any city of the island. Among drinks, a mandatory stop is degustating fragrant light wines (better to visit Tamar), and Cascade and Boag's beer. On the adjacent island of King, you can buy delicious cheese, and on Hobart, you will find a real chocolate factory! Another local unique delicacy is a special "Tasmanian honey" made by bees of the pollen of local plant called "leatherwood".
Instead of explaining you the uniqueness of local nature, which is obviously so, we have decided to surprise you with Tasmanian . shopping! Because of all the same problem of isolation, the island gained a thriving passion for antiques, silver, rare books, coins, and even porcelain. Unique species of wood used to make unique furniture - what could be more interesting? The best place for all of this is the biggest market in Hobart called Antiques Market. What else to buy? You'd be surprised, but there is a huge variety of rare paintings, various arts and exotic handicrafts typical for the Bushmen people. Though here it is hot as hell, another great product is wool that is sheared from the precious merino goats!
What else to see here and in the region: of course, the diversity of national parks and the incredible wildlife of Tasmania, cruises to the very Melbourne, mini-islands adjacent to Tasmania with their twinned microecosystems and customs.

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