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Guide to Southampton
Guide to Southampton

Interesting places and facts about the city Southampton in Great Britain

Southampton is a modern British city with a population of more than 200,000 people, a developed industry, tourism sector, and trade. The first Roman settlements appeared here about 2,000 years ago.

Southampton Attractions

During World War II the city was badly damaged and, unfortunately, many historical monuments has been lost. Nevertheless, the city has something to please travelers. A part of the fortress wall preserved since the 12th century, a northern city gate, is another city landmark. Now it houses modern art galleries. Visiting Bargate, you can breathe the air of antiquity or enjoy the paintings of contemporary artists. Millais Gallery is one of the most famous galleries hosting regular art exhibitions. The city is famous for the numerous art and photo workshops. But City Gallery of Art offers the most extensive collection, which includes more than 3,5 thousand exhibits. It houses original rare precious things, the age of some of them is more than 600 years.
Be sure to visit a local archaeological museum located near the God's House Tower, a former artillery fort. The famous House of Tudor is also worth your attention. The Trading House should become the next destination for all medieval luxury lovers.

Must-visit places in Southampton

The city has beaches, restaurants, clubs and pubs to suit every taste and every budget. But if you're in Southampton in mid-July, you will certainly get to the festival of Greek culture lasting a week.
At the same time, blues fans have to be in Southampton in the second half of August in order to visit Southampton blues fest. You will remember an unforgettable romantic atmosphere of favorite blues tunes for a long time.

Places to visit with children

Southampton has a wonderful dolphinarium where your child can enjoy an exciting show. If the dolphinarium is not enough, visit Splish-Splash, a local water park. Spend the whole day in a comfortable atmosphere. The Long Island Games Farm Zoo will provide you with the attention of friendly and cute animals. Camp Bestival, a popular family festival, is carried out in Lulworth Castle, an hour's drive from Southampton. Numerous educational and entertainment activities for children of all ages are waiting for the travelers.
Southampton will not disappoint fans of tasty and varied meals. Ocean Echo, The Reefs Restaurant is recommended for modern cuisine admirers. It is located on the coast and is suitable for a romantic date. Bacci restaurant opens its doors for tourists who prefer Italian cuisine. The restaurant's menu surprises even native Italians.

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