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Guide to Seinajoki
Guide to Seinajoki

Interesting places and facts about the city Seinajoki in Finland

Seinajoki is the largest city and center of the South Ostrobothnia in Western Finland. Being a typical Finnish city with a population of 200 thousand people, it is located at the intersection of five railways and several national motorways, has good connections with the airport. The infrastructure is well developed: there are educational institutions and hospitals, cultural, sports, trade and business events.

Major Attractions

The famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto became the creator of six brilliant constructions in the city center (church with outbuildings, town hall, library, theater). It is noteworthy that the artist developed all the details of the interiors - up to the chairs and light bulbs. Lakeuden Risti church can accommodate 1200 parishioners. Within the church there is a 65 m high bell tower - this is the tallest building in the city. Inside the bell tower there is an elevator, with the help of which you can see the panorama of Seinäjoki.

Places to visit in Seinäjoki

The new main library was opened to the public on August 20, 2012. It echoes the historical buildings of the Alvar Aalto's administrative and cultural center. The new library is called APILA (clover). Its structure in the plan is divided into three sculptural units like clover, with two floors open to the public. The Varikko Gallery is a huge building of the former railway depot. Volunteers from public organizations actively helped the association of artists. Today, six studios are open in the depot where painters, graphic artists, potters and sculptors work. Visitors can walk around the exhibition halls and even visit creative workshops.
Kyrkosjarvi is an artificial lake and a natural landmark with a 19 km shore line. The amazing reservoir is mainly surrounded by coniferous forest, but in some places there are also beach areas. Here you can take the air, swim and sunbathe. Pirunpesa is the deepest natural hole in Europe (depth - 23 m, diameter - 14 m), it is located on the top of the cliff. This place has always been mysterious and fascinated the human imagination. Legend has it that the devil himself decided to build a nest here. The origin of the hole is shrouded in mystery, the most plausible most plausible theories are glacial erosion or blowout. Geologists began studyies only in 1981. By that time the cavity was covered by a large boulder. You can go down into the hole or admire it from a viewing tower with a height of 21 m.
Shuang Long is the best local restaurant serving Chinese cuisine. The atmosphere is friendly and the service is always excellent. Here there are no bad dishes, meals are large and delicious. Istanbul Pizzeria is located opposite the train station. It offers good kebabs and the best pizza in Seinäjoki. The establishment is quite budget.

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