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Guide to San Jose
Guide to San Jose

Interesting places and facts about the city San Jose in Costa Rica

San Jose is a capital of Costa Rica, the largest city of the state. It is located in the center of the country, on an upland of 1170 meters above the ocean. Together with the suburbs, the capital is home to a million people. Not far from the city, Arenal, the largest lake in the country, is located.

Points of Interests and Landmarks of San Jose

The Museum of pre-Colombian Gold is located at the former National Theater. It specializes in articles made of gold. You can learn a lot about pre-Columbian history. It is amazing how the Indians, with the help of their technology, were able to produce golden figures. Jade Museum is a new historical museum being in the process of development. The exhibitions with many interesting showpieces (for example, jade articles) take five floors and are well grouped. Some exhibitions are additionally explained with the help of videos in Spanish (it would be nice if such interesting showpieces demonstrating the history, technology and culture of different nations, were highlighted more specifically).
Be sure to visit the Costa Rican Art Museum. This old building was the terminal of San Jose International Airport. It is situated next to the Sabina Park. In the museum, you can see a good collection of paintings in Baroque style by Costa Rican artists, as well as sculptures and something on trifles (for example, “Gold Room” or “Golden Fish”). This is not the largest collection, but the entrance is free, so it is definitely worth visiting.
La Sabana Park is a large park complex with a lot of space for cycling, playing football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis. There are equipped playgrounds for children. The park is located in the heart of San Jose. It is planted with eucalyptus trees. There are both natural lakes and swimming pools on the territory. On Sunday, the park has a festive atmosphere, free fitness classes in the Latin style are held. You can try fresh fruits, which are sold at every step. Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo is a unique forest that is preserved by the state for future generations. Beauty for nature lovers, the opportunity to breathe fresh air. You can take a sightseeing tour (sold in any hotel), or organize your own trip on a rented car. There are several sectors with wildlife. You can also admire a river flowing through the park, which serves for extreme and adventure sports.
You can spend the whole day in the Children’s Museum. The museum is well structured and very cheerful. It is great place to go with kids. Children will have a lot of fun for in this safe place. Theme park Pueblo Antiguo is quite unique city sight. Attractions in the park imitate the city itself, along with the most remarkable buildings (a church, a fire station, etc.). The park shows how the city looked like in the early 12th century, the facades of old buildings are replicated with surprising accuracy.
The Latin American restaurant Tierra Gaucha Parrilla Argentina is an establishment with a high rating. The food is juicy, the serves are quite big. The wine list offers a good selection of high-quality beverages. The restaurant offers Argentinean dishes, consisting mainly of processed cheese, seasoned with various types of sauce. You can order an American steak or Italian pasta. After you decide to visit San Jose, do not forget to book a hotel room or rent a car on our website to make your trip comfortable and interesting!

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