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Guide to Salzburg
Guide to Salzburg

Interesting places and facts about the city Salzburg in Austria

Salzburg is the fourth largest and one of the most beautiful cities in Austria with a population of 150,000 people. The old European city became a part of the Austrian Empire just 200 years ago, which is reflected in the architecture and cultural traditions of the region. Why thousands of tourists come to Salzburg every year? They all are attracted by narrow medieval streets, ancient baroque facades, and unique cultural monuments. In winter, Salzburg is also popular as a starting point for tourists who are preparing for going to the famous ski resorts in the Austrian Alps. Walk along the Getreidegasse Street to find the Mozart's Residence, the world-famous composer's birthplace. Numerous city squares, streets, restaurants and even shops are named in honor of the great musician.

City Attractions

The Old City listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site lies on the left bank of the scenic Salzach River and is known for its unique baroque architecture. Residenzplatz square is the main decoration of the city perfectly preserved since the 18th century. The main central square accommodates the 17th-century Alte Residenz with art gallery, the famous Sattler museum and the incredible Residenzbrunnen fountain built in 1661. Be sure to visit Salzburg Cathedral, the first Baroque cathedral in the region, to learn more about its long history, which began in 774. The baroque-style Franciscan Church built in 1223 is considered to be the third largest historical building in the Old Town. Travel outside Salzburg to discover other historical monuments such as Hohensalzburg Castle, Nonnberg Abbey or the popular baroque-style Mirabell Palace with a museum built in 1606.
Young travelers can enjoy a trip to Salzburg visiting numerous interesting places. Children of any age usually can not refuse to visit the Toy Museum where they can also find specially equipped playrooms and entertainment complexes. Exhibition halls located on the upper floors can help you and your kids learn more about the history of toys. Of course, 60,000-sq. m Salzburg Zoo will be the second in your list of must-visit places. Here you can see exotic animals such as rhinoceroses, koalas, lions and even austrsalian kangaroos in their natural environment. Visiting the nearby park with numerous concealed fountains can also be a real adventure for the whole family. But what about the entertainment? Go out of the city to visit Ruhpolding and Fantasiana, local amusement parks. Here you can find the "almost real" dinosaurs, water rides, roller coasters, a variety of competitions and just relaxing in the fresh air.
Salzburg is a unique city where traditional Austrian culinary traditions are combined with Bavarian and even Mediterranean features. If you want to try the most popular dish in the city, go to any traditional restaurant and order the delicious and nutritious Vienna Schnitzel. The local cuisine also offers travelers other meat dishes and unique culinary delights, including apple strudel and Salzburger Nockerl, a culinary symbol of the city and just a sweet delicious dessert. Local pubs are separate attractions of Salzburg. The cozy atmosphere, combined with a delicious beer and traditional snacks provide tourists with unforgettable experiences. Of course, the popular European tourist center offers tourists eateries and restaurants of different formats: from the familiar and inexpensive McDonald's to luxury Michelin-starred restaurants.

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