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Guide to Rockhampton
Guide to Rockhampton

Interesting places and facts about the city Rockhampton in Australia

Rockhampton - it is not only the area of ​​East Queensland, but its center. The city has a very good location, as its two major parts are surrounded by the Coral Sea. In the city, almost in the center, it runs the largest river Fitzroy Valley which is famous for its gorgeous farmland and pastures.

A Bit Of City's History

As with many other Australian coastal cities, Rockhampton appeared on the map as a small port town not the sea but the river one! In the 1900s, European businessmen and colonists were set to master local territories. The most famous of them today are Archer brothers. These gentlemen were the first Europeans to discover the very valley of the Fitzroy River, which is famous for its enormous fertility. Such an event was followed by the "golden boom" of the city, the cause of which were local gold reserves. Naturally, such a successful combination of resources has turned the city into a major administrative center.
Tourists travel to Rockhampton is not only to learn something new from the history of Australia. Naturally, local beaches of Coral Sea are beautiful attraction themselves. They extend along the entire length of the resort towns surrounding the city such as Yeppoon and Emu Park. An excellent choice among the beaches of the islands is Great Keppel - note it is favourite locals' place. Taken together, all these areas form magical Capricorn Coast.
Rockhampton Botanic Garden goes first in a row. Its history starts in distant 1869, at Spencer Street of South Rockhampton. "Botanical entertainment" includes a number of very rare palm trees, as well as ferns, and many other plants included in international reserves. Rockhampton Zoo is close to the previous naturalist spot, and is a perfect example of how endowing may be local fauna. Varieties of birds, koalas, chimpanzees, dangerous marine and freshwater crocodiles, original red kangaroos, and even cassowaries! The third comes Kershaw Garden - an urban meeting place. It is located in the North city, and is a very young place from 1980s, and may therefore be of interest not only of typical Australian plants presented but also of the original decisions in design.
Rockhampton Art Gallery and Pilbeam Theatre are located practically across the street from each other. These places are worth visiting if you are interested in Australian artists of 1940-70's. Well, do not shun the experimental and classical theater too. Local railway museum was named Archer Park Steam Tram in honor of the discoverers of the city. There, one can find rare vehicles, tools, and technology examples. Another original museum is Rockhampton Heritage Village. This place is a true portal into the past! Here, there was no electric light at all, and only old cars were riding through the streets.
Mt Archer National Park is the upland spot at an altitude of 604 m. If you were ever thinking of coming here, be sure to take a camera, because such panoramas are met once in a lifetime! Another option, on the contrary, is located underground - the Capricorn Caves. This place does completely deserve its name, especially considering the fact that all the children in Queensland are begging their parent to come here. Why? Find out in your next trip!

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