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Guide to Richards Bay
Guide to Richards Bay

Interesting places and facts about the city Richards Bay in South Africa

Richards Bay is located on the coast in the Indian Ocean at a height of zero meters above sea level. The city is home to approximately 40-50 thousand people. White and black population is 40% each, and another 20% are representatives of Asian peoples and mestizo. Richards Bay is characterized by a subtropical climate that very closely resembles a tropical climate – there are warm wet summers and mild moist to dry winters, which are frost-free. Beaches, reserves, and a variety of safaris will leave indelible impression!

Points of Interest and Landmarks of Richards Bay

Tourists visit this city for the purpose of organizing safaris and excursions. The only attraction that deserves attention is the University of Zululand. This is a huge research building, built in the center of the reserve. The reserve itself with the area of 96 thousand hectares was created in 1895 to protect rhinos. A visit of the observation platform is paid, 100 dollars per two persons.
The organizers of the Outdoor Africa tour specialize in small, personalized trips. A small number of people in the tourist group (usually 4-5 tourists and two guides) allows visiting places that are inaccessible to more numerous groups (including restaurants, lodging, schools, shops, local attractions, and parks). The route of the tour passes through numerous parks, souvenir shops, cultural attractions. Nights are spent in high-end housing. You can book a tour in advance by e-mail.
Alkantstrand Beach is very popular among lovers of sunbathing, surfing and surfing on waves behind a boat. There are sharks in the ocean, but the local security service quickly catches all sharks that are close to shore, so swimming is absolutely safe. Tourists have the opportunity to look at the caught sharks. The beach has everything: a spacious parking lot with security, a playground, a shower, lifeguards. Here, you can communicate with the locals. You can take a stroll to the pier, and if you're lucky, you'll see dolphins. Port Sail Charters cruise takes place in the harbor in a large and deep place where shipping is common. Cruise is two hours of bliss, especially for couples in love. A music plays on the yacht all the time. Sometimes, if the whales sail close to the shore, the boat tour turns into whale watching.
Exclusive Corporate Transfers and Tours Day Tours differ from the others in that they provide for an extensive show program for children (especially children like the stop, where a circus with cheetahs is shown). Tourists are taken to a hunting reserve. Tour is suitable for a family with two children or a small group.
Restaurant “Elephant & I” is the best place in the city. Usually the restaurant is crowded, so you need to pre-book. It is convenient also because your dishes will be prepared for your arrival, so you do not have to wait. Prices are democratic, for example, the lunch consisting of roast lamb, rice, potatoes, pumpkin, and broccoli costs R110. This is a good value for money. Servings are large, the food is delicious. Do not forget to book a hotel room and rent a car at our website

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