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Prague is one of the most visited tourist centers and certainly the most beautiful city in Europe. Why do millions of tourists go to Prague each year to spend their weekends exactly here? This fabulous city fascinates people at the first gaze: numerous bridges, cobbled streets, golden towers, church domes, and medieval landscapes made the capital of the Czech Republic a decoration of the country and the whole Europe. The rich historical and cultural heritage is not all that Prague can offer its guests. Being the main political and economic center of the Czech Republic, the capital is full of energy, culture, music, restaurants and clubs. One thing is clear: Anyway, you should go to great lengths to explore for a week the huge city according to European standards with a population of more than 1.3 million people.

Prague Attractions

Prague is one big attraction. Here, the majestic buildings and the unique medieval architecture pursues a tourist at every step far beyond the city center. One of the most important historic areas of Prague is the Old Town, which has arisen on the territory of modern Prague as a large market hundreds of years ago. Today, on the site of the ancient market tourists can see the whole complex of architectural monuments, performed in various styles, including Baroque, Rococo, Gothic and Renaissance styles. The world-famous Old Town Hall, Prague Astronomical Clock, Tyn Church, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Wenceslas Square are some of the most important and most visited tourist destinations.
Of course, Czech cuisine begins with a beer. Czech beer is famous all over the world, but few people know that "Czech beer" is a real protected brand, which must be earned. Most of Czech dishes are composed of meat in all its forms: all kinds of sausages, goulash, duck, pork ribs, etc. Moreover, no meat dish is served without spicy sauces and traditional "dumplings". The Czechs also like cooking nutritious and flavorful soups, which often contain meat, cheese, mushrooms, chicken, eggs, smoked products, etc. People here believe that stewed cabbage cooked with vinegar and wine can perfectly complement any main dish and help to get rid of a hangover.
Feel free to go on holiday in Prague with the whole family! Here, huge playgrounds, water parks, swimming pools and attractions are met on the tourist's way almost as often as pubs, restaurants and museums. Aquapalace aquapark and Morsky Svet Prague Aquarium every day entertain young visitors, which can spend funny, interesting time with benefits. The unique Prague Zoo has more than 5000 animals and offers visitors to take a look at elephants, monkeys, tigers, and other animals, many of which are listed in Red Book. More exotic faunal forms can be found in Dinopark, where huge prehistoric reptiles can growl and even move!
Despite the fact that Prague is a very large and complicated city, a developed transport infrastructure makes moving around the city as quick and convenient as possible. Get to any point of the medieval capital city by underground, buses, trams, funiculars, ferries and taxis. Each type of transport has its own schedule, and the transport system as a whole works as a well-oiled machine. There is a unified fare system. Tickets differ from each other in term of validity and the corresponding price. For example, 30-minute ticket costs CZK 24 and daily travel card will cost about CZK 100.

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