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Guide to Portsmouth
Guide to Portsmouth

Interesting places and facts about the city Portsmouth in Great Britain

Portsmouth is situated on the coast of the English Channel. It is located very close to the capital of England. This is a sample of the country's maritime glory. It was founded in the 11-12th century as a seaport. In this regard, many attractions are associated with marine issues. However, Portsmouth is famous not only for that. It is a popular resort, there are many opportunities for entertainment: golf clubs, cafes, clubs and shopping centers.

Main attractions

In Portsmouth, the Charles Dickens House-Museum is definitely worth a visit. Using old furniture, belongings and manuscripts, the museum recreates the atmosphere familiar to the well-known writer. Marine theme is clearly reflected in another landmark, the "Mary Rose" warship. This three-deck ship was built for military purposes. It has survived numerous sea battles, but In 1545, the warship sank. His remains have been raised only in the 20th century. They are stored in the museum that hosts personal belongings of sailors as well as artillery samples.
The Cathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury dates back to the 12th century when a chapel stood on its site. The Cathedral offers free admission.

Things To Do

Coming to Portsmouth, every tourist must visit the Historic Dockyard, representing a place with authentic atmosphere of 18-19th centuries. The naval warehouses, a police station, a warehouse for the ropes, and a semaphore tower are well preserved.

Traveling with children

Staunton Park is a perfect place for a family holiday. Besides strolling through the park, you can take your kids to a miniature zoo, which is open seven days a week. Blue Reef is a large aquarium where you can get acquainted with the underwater world and its inhabitants. A very colorful destination. Leisure Island is a spacious amusement park, which provides playgrounds, rides, slides for your kids. Relax in one of the comfortable recreation areas while children are having fun. Grab a snack at the café, located in the amusement park.

Local cuisine and restaurants

Tourists should visit restaurants located in the historic port and taste a local specialty called "fish and chips". This is a traditional dish of Portsmouth. To sample it, you can visit Still & West restaurant. Democratic prices are guaranteed. The restaurant includes a snack bar and a pub.
The largest concentration of eateries is located on Albert Road, Port Solent. Grab a snack in many curry restaurants, which offer delicious food at affordable prices. There is also a Multiplex cinema in Port Solent. Portsmouth is a legendary British city. In addition to historical monuments, it is rich in entertainment facilities. How to make your trip more comfortable? can help you. Use our website to book a hotel room at affordable price. Car rental services are also provided.

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