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Guide to Port Macquarie
Guide to Port Macquarie

Interesting places and facts about the city Port Macquarie in Australia

Port Macquarie is one of the cities of the Australian New South of Wales with a population of no more than 70 000 people. The relatively young place, which was founded in 1821 and is famous worldwide as the best beach city in Australia, and this attracts the tourists.

Local Nature

If you like hiking trails, recreation outdoors, nature and marine parks, this city will be a real boon for you. An organized walk along the long and beautiful coastline will be a godsend for families with children. There are many delightful places to make photos. You can choose your own pace, and relax, while studying local fauna around. There are safety stairs and sidewalks. If you are attracted to more wooded areas, the best equipped trail is Sea Acres Rainforest Centre in Port Macquarie, which will also be interesting to take a walk with children. Well, if you want to be alone with nature, then you are welcome to Googik Heritage Trail.
Love and help to the animal world is actually shown in local Koala Hospital, where you can observe closely how volunteers are nursing injured koalas. The entry is free here, and if you are in the city center, it is just a 2-minute drive away. Tours are available at certain times. If you want to see a healthy and cheerful koalas, as well as their neighbors, the beautiful city Billabong Zoo is for you - Koala & Wildlife Park: lions, tigers, wild dogs, meerkats, crocodiles, and many others.
Marine Discovery Centre is a real hidden treasure of the city, open to families or small groups by appointment, as well as for entire schools for educational trips. This place is part of the Technical College and Marine Research Center, where you can explore a variety of local marine fauna. Lake Cathie Foreshore Reserve is a beautiful and cozy place where locals relax at the end of the day. You can make a barbecue or picnic in quiet and peaceful holiday atmosphere alone with a beautiful lake. Well suited place for children, adults, and the elderly. Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park - yet another place that will give really excellent and quiet stroll close to town. It has its own ancient cemetery and colony of bats. Hastings River is another seaside place with a very convenient location. It is an excellent option for a picnic. There are a lot of wild animals here. Especially beware of pelicans, because they do not like to share this place with anybody else.
Black Duck Brewery is the place that is looking for all beer lovers, and Long Point Vineyard - its equivalent in wine, such as Agent Orange brand. Frankie's Travel is a true wine extravaganza, which can be combined with holidays and local delicacies. But the most interesting place in terms of food and wine is still considered local Douglas Vale Historic Homestead and Vineyard. In fact, it is the oldest wooden house in Port Macquarie, and it is served completely by volunteers. There are a lot of old photos and historical meals here. Its vernadite looks to the magnificent vineyard. The Tucker Table offers interactive culinary workshops. For example, if you want to pass the Australian barbecue class, or to see how to work with local ingredients of which you have never heard of - it is the best place!

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