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Guide to Port Lincoln
Guide to Port Lincoln

Interesting places and facts about the city Port Lincoln in Australia

Port Lincoln is a small Australian town located on the shores of Boston Bay in the state of South Australia. The city became a popular tourist destination due to its unique geographical position and semi-arid climate, which allows you to enjoy fantastic fishing, sailing and other water activities. Locals are generally engaged in fishing and seafood processing here. Thrill seekers come to Port Lincoln to meet face to face with great white sharks being in underwater cages designed for such "meetings". The beautiful coastal town of about 15,000 people located near the Lincoln National Park can’t be called a popular Australian tourist destination although tourism industry is very important to this region.

Local attractions

Came to Port Lincoln for the weekend? If you have free time and USD 30 enjoy the opportunity to experience Whaler's Way, a 15 km long drive on private land that offer travelers about three hours of sightseeing. Starting moving 20 km from Port Lincoln, you are going on an amazing journey, where you can see the cliffs edges, islands, rock falls, Australian sea creatures and other natural beauties. Another popular tourist destination is Lincoln National Park located just 15 km south of town contains a large number of historical sites. The protected area also includes 3 islands featuring unique flora and fauna. Here you can see such exotic animals as kangaroo, goanna or emu. Visiting Cape Donnington and Stamford Hill in Port Lincoln can become a real adventure.
Spend a wonderful weekend in Port Lincoln as a family. Ideal trips should be started from visiting Tumby Bay and Coffin Bay accommodating exotic Australian conservation parks and long beaches. Enjoy swimming at the numerous city beaches or at the foreshore where you can find a jetty and a green park with change rooms and showers. Would you like to experience something really incredible in Port Lincoln? You've come to the right place! Cage diving with great white sharks is an ideal extreme activity for tourists who have enough free time and are ready to take a day or multi-day on board trip for 300-2000 USD. And keep in mind that winter is the best time for the exciting cage diving tours. Swimming with the Tuna and Australian Sea Lion are also popular water activities you can experience in Port Lincoln on the weekends.
The so-called Seafood Capital of Australia invites foreigners to sample some fantastic seafood dishes, fresh fish and traditional Australian meals at the local restaurants. Of course, almost any restaurant can offer you steaks, schnitzels and other meat dishes, but seafood should be the basis of your menu in Lincoln Port. First of all, go to the Fresh Fish Place where you can enjoy mussels, abalone, scallops or crabs cooked perfectly. Travelers are also advised to visit the popular Sharky's Bar, Delacolline Estate Wines, The Rogue & Rascal and Del Giorno Restaurant offering a great range of choices.
Head to Tasman Terrace, the main shopping precinct of the city accommodating shopping centers. small stores on the one side of the street and a park with waterfront on the other. Here you can find some great fashion boutiques, luxury restaurants, and traditional cafes. Be ready to discover Liverpool Street to buy some souvenirs, gifts, quality clothing, original jewelry, electrical goods and much more. Light and sunny atmosphere of the coastal city will make shopping easy and exciting.

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