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Guide to Plymouth
Guide to Plymouth

Interesting places and facts about the city Plymouth in Great Britain

Since the founding of the city in the 12-th century, Plymouth did not stand out among hundreds of other English town. Geographical features played a major role in turning Plymouth into a powerful naval base. Today it is a major port, like many centuries ago. Plymouth is currently dependent on the shipbuilding industry, but an actively developing tourism sector is also of great importance. There is the largest naval base of the United Kingdom in Devonport, so you can see the main striking power of the British fleet from afar.

Plymouth Attractions

In 1666, the construction of the Royal Citadel has begun. The main gate of the fortress is decorated with sculptures, stone walls are well preserved. Today the fortress is not used for its intended purpose and operates as a museum, but only on Wednesdays. In the Victorian era, a lot of defensive forts were built along the coast of Britain. Crownhill Fort is one of them. Built in the 1860's by Captain Du Cane, it was designed to protect the main Royal Dockyard in Devonport. The extensive network of underground tunnels attracts many tourists, since 1995 the fort is opened to the public.
Start your tour with strolling through the Hoe Park. This almost unpopulated region concentrates a large number of cultural monuments and buildings associated with the history of the great coastal city. There is a monument to Sir Francis Drake, the outstanding British traveler and adventurer, standing leaning on a globe. Smeaton's Tower erected in 1759 as a lighthouse today is a beautiful panoramic area with amazing views of the city and harbor.
The city is famous for a lot of various social events and festivals. World famous British fireworks championships attract a lot of tourists every August; tens of thousands of people from all over the world try to get to this grand event. The "Festival of flavors" where the best chefs and confectioners compete in the culinary arts is held here annually. It is a real paradise for gourmets, because every dish can be tasted in order to estimate skill of chefs. The deepest aquarium in Europe presents all marine life and flora from the shores of the English Channel to the tropical coral atolls, it is a great place to visit within the cultural program.
Most of the restaurants are concentrated in the Old Town (the Barbican area). Piermaster`s Restaurant is recommended for fish lovers. Fish and other sea delicacies are brought here just from the harbor. Here, you can enjoy only fresh seafood. Traditional British tea cakes can be sampled at the Tudor Rose. Baking is always fresh, straight from the oven. During the summer, visitors can drink tea with cakes in the shade of trees in the opened garden. Do not be afraid of rain. Although England is considered the rainy country, it doesn't concern Plymouth. In the spring and summer the city offers a relatively dry weather.

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