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Guide to Philipsburg
Guide to Philipsburg

Interesting places and facts about the city Philipsburg in Antilles

Philipsburg is the capital of Sint Maarten, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The city is located on a long sand spit that separates Great Bay from the closed Great Salt Pond. The founder of the city is considered to be a Scotsman John Philip who founded several plants for processing sugar cane on the island. The local architecture features the colonial style. Whitewashed facades, roofs covered with tiles, window frames with frequent bars - all of this resembles the village Dutch houses.

Attractions in Philipsburg

Among the must-see city attractions is the Museum of Saint Martin. It offers an extensive collection of everyday objects as well as belongings from the sunken frigate "Proselyte". Stroll through Voorstraat Street to see a wooden courthouse preserved since 1793. In addition, Philipsburg boasts of six churches and a monument to Queen Wilhelmina. There are two ancient forts in the coastal area - Amsterdam and William, bastions of which offer the magnificent view of the city and the neighboring islands.
Philipsburg is famous for its beaches. The coast is strewn with fine and very clean sand, and calm water is crystal clear. The most famous Maho beach offers a wonderful view of the airplanes taking off. This unique symbiosis of the beach and the airport is popular among foreign tourists. Gambling tourists can visit one of 13 casinos. At the same time shopping lovers will enjoy numerous duty-free shops, which form a whole quarter. There are goods from all over the world: Canadian maple syrup, Jamaican rum, American beer, the Brazilian sweets, Hawaiian cigars and more.
Young travelers and their parents should be ready to visit the local Petting Zoo. It is a home for more than hundred species of unusual mammals, reptiles and birds. The zoo first opened its doors in 1991, and today it is one of the most popular city landmarks and tourist destinations. At the entrance the visitors are offered to buy some bags of food for the inhabitants of the zoo. There are playgrounds, swings, slides, and even a pirate ship. Tours to a butterfly farm where you can see more than four thousand species of these magnificent creatures including unique fauna will not leave anyone indifferent.
Caribbean cuisine is quite diverse due to the influence of many cultures. It is characterized by an abundance of vegetables and fruits as well as fish and seafood from the coastal waters. Meat and fish are mostly prepared over an open fire. Goat, pork and chicken are the most popular meats.
Travelers are invited to try the exotic iguana or cactus soup, fish soup with bananas and fried Barracuda. If you want to sample traditional cuisine, order Cabrito stob, salted fish, cheeses and, of course, seafood dishes. Pasteis, local pies stuffed with fish, meat, seafood and spices is definitely worth a taste. Local drinks like Guavarberii rum and ginger beer are the most common. Magnificent views of the Caribbean sea, unforgettable activities and gourmet food will leave vivid impression for years to come. For your convenience, make a hotel booking or rent a car on the website before starting your exciting tropical journey. We’ll make every effort to make your weekends in Philipsburg more enjoyable and comfortable.

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