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Interesting places and facts about the city Oslo in Norway

Oslo, the ancient capital of the Vikings founded in 1040 and a modern cultural and political center of Norway is a great place to travel and family vacations. The city itself and its 40 islands situated in the south-eastern part of the north country, at the end of the Oslofjord. The port city with a population of about 700,000 is of great economic importance for the whole country. There are nearly 1000 companies operating in maritime sphere. Local prices may seem high, or even shock tourists who first visited Oslo and faced financial difficulties. One of the most expensive cities in the world also has a very high level of GDP per capita. Viking descendants are happy to meet guests and talk about local attractions.

Attractions In Oslo

The popular tourist destination attracts millions of tourists from Europe and America with a huge number of cultural monuments and unique natural beauty. Museums of various directions deserve special attention. The Viking Ship Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum, and Kon-Tiki Museum are some of the most visited in the country. The medieval Akershus Fortress or Akershus Castle has earned the title of main attraction in Oslo. Nearby there are several museums that tell about the military history of the north country and in particular its capital. Karl Johans gate Street, central street of the city, concentrates the major sights such as building of the Norwegian Parliament, National Theatre, and Oslo Cathedral. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year on the Oslo City Hall, right in the heart of the capital.
Every day Oslo is visited by cruise ships and numerous ferries from Copenhagen, Kiel and other cities. Central City rail and bus stations are located in the city center, so you can get here anytime by bus or tram. What sways ground public transport, the city has a developed infrastructure and is ready to offer citizens convenient buses, trams and even metro at reasonable cost. The city itself and its central part with the main attractions occupies a small area, so you can get acquainted with the past and present of the Norwegian capital by bicycle or even by walking. Tourist information centres in Oslo will help tourists get special travel cards for renting bikes. Workers in these centres are very friendly and always ready to help them cope with difficulties.
Walk along Karl Johans gate, central pedestrian street, to find the familiar chain stores such as Zara, H&M, Benetton, etc. Nearby are located several large shopping centers including Oslo City, Palette and Aker Brygge. Majorstuen, Grønland areas together with Bogstadveien Street are also considered to be favorable for shopping. The Akerstag street is best known for Moods of Norway fashion designer house, located here.

Nordic cuisine and restaurants

Would you like to try traditional dishes of the North in the capital of Norway? If the answer is Yes, go back to the city centre or the Aker Brygge waterfront, where a large number of middle-class seafood restaurants are located. As mentioned above, Oslo is quite expensive city, so the selection of the right restaurant will help you save your money and time. Cafes and restaurants in Grønland and Grünerløkka areas are known for their tasty meals at democratic prices.

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