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Guide to Norwich
Guide to Norwich

Interesting places and facts about the city Norwich in Great Britain

Norwich, a city with a rich history and a population of 130,000, accommodates the largest enterprises producing shoes in the United Kingdom. Residents of big cities will definitely enjoy spending weekends in this provincial town. There are almost no night clubs, a measured and calm life is waiting for every traveler.

Norwich Attractions

Norwich castle built in 1130 by Henry I still dominates the surrounding area. The Romanesque-styled monument has long lost its original purpose. Standing on a hill, the castle once gave the guards a good overview of the area, allowing them to detect the approaching enemy and prepare for the defense. Holy Trinity Church dates back to 1096, when Herbert Lozinga, bishop of the East-Angles, deemed it necessary to have his own cathedral in the city. Initially, it was decided to take Rouen Cathedral as a model, and build a church in Norman style. The church was consecrated by the end of the 13-th century. Holy Trinity Church has been reconstructed several times under the influence of new architectural trends. The Gothic-style stone spire was built at the end of the 15-th century.
Among well preserved historical monuments tourists pay special attention to the fortress wall once attacked by Vikings from the neighboring Scandinavian countries.

Places to visit in Norwich

Montshire Museum of Science is perhaps the most interesting place taking into account the complete lack of traditional entertainment. This place will surprise both adults and their kids! Scientific and technical exhibits of different times as well as art installations are spread over a large building area and an adjacent park. Children can interact and play with all the art objects. Enjoy flying rockets, moving skeletons, spinning mills and a lot of exciting experiments carried out by a good alchemist.
But the typical English landscape parks are considered the most important recreational places in Norwich. There are many parks in the city, but the most interesting thing is that you can meet friendly squirrels here. They jump on the carefree walking people, take food and behave just like pets. Therefore, before going to the picturesque alleys of Norwich parks, do not forget to grab some snacks to feed playful squirrels. BeWILDerwood is a popular local amusement park. It accommodates many interesting rides and playgrounds for young visitors, but the funniest things are real tree houses where kids can spend a great time together.

Evening entertainment

"Tea House" is one of the most attractive city venues. Enjoy a wide selection of teas, always fresh baking, and tables adorned with flowers all year round. A very favorable atmosphere for a family tea-party. "The Window" restaurant is glad to offer its guests nice English meals. Classic British cuisine is very popular among foreign tourists, so you have to book a table in advance. For dessert, you'll be offered an English pie with apples, special coffee and various sweets.

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