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Guide to Nicosia
Guide to Nicosia

Interesting places and facts about the city Nicosia in Cyprus

Everyone says "we've been to Cyprus" or "I want to Cyprus". Few people even mention Nicosia! Nevertheless, it's rich and beautiful city, the capital of the state. Its roots go back to the distant bronze age. All important historical places and artifacts of the city are carefully reserved for the posterity, and are stored in unique museums. Among other attractions - restaurants, resort entertainment, active rest, vines, villages, traditional culinary, and much more.

Cypriot Dishes & Village

In rural areas Cypriot farmers produce such typical products as pourgouri, homemade cheese and bread, smoked pork, including cultivated figs, beans, chickpeas, herbs, olives, almonds, etc. It seems here that nothing has changed since biblical times, when everything was stored in terracotta pots. Do not be afraid to buy food anywhere, as one of the strict traditions of Cyprus is that any food should be fresh. Greek and Turkish culinary traditions are the backbone of the Cypriot cuisine. A typical fast food is pita with souvlaki (skewers of pork). A typical team dish - meze - order it if you want to get acquainted with the whole range of cypriot snacks. Main dishes: moussaka, kleftiko, and sherry. Traditional desserts and sweets - baklava, lukumia, and sudsuko. Wines of Cyprus deserve separate talk.
Rare and exquisite, natural and rich - it's all about Cypriot wines, the most famous and ancient variety of which is considered the sweet dessert wine "Commandaria". Be sure to find it in the local restaurants. "Commandaria St. John" is an elite variety of the same wine - be sure to buy a bottle with black label to take it home as a souvenir from the island. This wine keeps the secrets of the Knights of St. John, the monks who lived in the vicinity of Limassol, based in the Kolossi castle. Other famous wines are dry white "Palomino" and "St. Panteleimon", and dry red "Othello". We should also mention Cyprus traditional anisette "Ouzo", and grape vodka "Zivania".
Naturally, local restaurants simply have to offer such Mediterranean trumps as delicious seafood. Therefore, first top restaurant in Nicosia is Pyxida Fish Tavern, where you can taste the best fish on the island, as well as soups and a variety of seafood delights of Greek cuisine. The second is No Reservations with the best in the city haute cuisine in the classical European tradition. Local authentic star is Souxou Mouxou Mantalakia. It is considered by many as an almost perfect restaurant with a perfectionist owner. You can safely order a tasting set and 2-3 wines. The place deserves at least one Michelin star!
The most important thing in the end - get ready for endless attractions! Kykkos Monastery, one of the richest and most famous monasteries in Cyprus, Archaeological Park of the ancient city of Nea Paphos, Choirokoitia, Neolithic settlement VII-IV thousand. BC, the magnificent Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Limassol Castle, a medieval Ottoman fort-museum, Arab Ahmet Mosque, a magnificent mosque, located in the northern part of the city, the main symbol of the partially recognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Cyprus Museum, the oldest and largest archaeological museum in Cyprus. Remember, Nicosia's sights are the whole Cyprus sights! After all, you're on the island!

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