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Guide to Newcastle
Guide to Newcastle

Interesting places and facts about the city Newcastle in Great Britain

Newcastle is a port town located on the North-East of the United Kingdom. Is one of the main night centres in the country. In the 19th century, it was one of the major coal mining centres and played an important role in the industrial revolution. After reducing the industrial rates, this place has not lost its significance. Now it's a business city and a large educational centre. The two largest universities of the country as well as the most prestigious state college are located in Newcastle.

Main attractions

The main city's architectural landmark is the Millennium Bridge. It is the world's first tilting bridge construction. Its shape resembles a winking eye. One of the structure's arches offers pedestrian and cycling zones. Exploring Newcastle, you can also take a look at the Garth castle ruins. There is a witness of times of antiquity in Newcastle representing a defensive construction \with a length of 120 km. The Hadrian's wall dates back to 122-126 AD.
The Crossroads Benwell Vallum should become a must-visit place for all hiistory loves. There is the ruins of the ancient temple. The building was erected more than 2 thousand years ago. You can also explore even more old buildings in this area.

Traveling with kids

There are many interesting and curious places for family holidays in the city. A small Pets Corner Zoo offering free entrance. The picturesque places, which can help you explore the life of Newcastle. The Zoo presents pets typical for this area: pigs, birds, goats species. Children will definitely enjoy the parrots aviary.
The International Science Center houses one of the largest planetariums in the United Kingdom. Entertainment for kids, a variety of exhibitions are carried out here as well.


Newcastle can attract gourmets, since it is possible to taste the most exotic cuisines here: Lebanese, Persian, Mongolian, and others. We recommend that you visit the Stowell Street accommodating the Chinese village with restaurants offering authentic Chinese cuisine. Sobo restaurant attract locals and travelers with regular and diet meals. The menu changes twice a season. The wine list is relatively small, but here you can enjoy a nice and affordable alcohol.
People who like seafood are recommend to visit Scratchley's on the Wharf Restaurant. What about a menu? It contains both sumptuous dishes and simple food (eg, fish and chips). Enjoy stunning views Newcastle sitting at a table. The prompt and courteous service is confirmed by many tourists.

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