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Guide to New York
Guide to New York

Interesting places and facts about the city New York in USA

New York city is located on the Atlantic coast in the US state of New York. Every year millions of travelers visit the world's largest tourist center. The giant, dynamic metropolis accommodating thousands of nations and cultures attracts tourists from around the world and gives them unique, unforgettable experiences and emotions.

Major attractions in New York

You can find a lot of interesting places worth seeing in Manhattan. The world-famous Metropolitan Opera, the Chelsea Hotel, the UN headquarters, the first historical skyscrapers and more. Manhattan is one of the most densely populated places of America, the value of land is extremely high here, and this explains the large number of skyscrapers in this area. Among must-see attractions are the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park ( "the Green Lungs"), the Botanical Garden, the famous suspension bridges, and Broadway with its famous theaters.
Like any other metropolis, New York city offers a large and varied cultural program. Lincoln Center, the main cultural center in the city, surprise connoisseurs with something really interesting and original, since the center offers its numerous halls designed for performances by famous music, theater, ballet and opera groups as well as global events, including the famous New York Film Festival.
There are many interesting places for your kids In New York. The National Museum of Natural History should become the first destination. You child will learn about the evolutionary history of life on Earth in a fascinating form using interactive technologies. The Intrepid Museum located on an aircraft carrier will be definitely enjoyed by young explorers. Children are given the opportunity to go inside the submarine of 1950s and see the unique aircraft collection. In Sony Wonder Technology Lab museum, your child is told about advances in technology all over the world in simple terms without complicated formulas.

Cuisine and Restaurants in New York

Restaurants and cafes in New York are very diverse and reflect the multiethnic population of the city. NY is ready to offer national cuisines of all countries, so any traveler can easily find a suitable place to have a meal. Among the budget ones are Daisy May's BBQ, a cafe located near Times Square serving great meat dishes. Back Forty West restaurant located in Soho provides an original menu with a large selection of the highest quality food and drinks. Broadway accommodates many excellent restaurant and cozy cafes, including Masa, serving great sushi and other seafood, and Per Se Time Warner Center, where you can try Mediterranean cuisine.

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