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Guide to Mount Gambier
Guide to Mount Gambier

Interesting places and facts about the city Mount Gambier in Australia

Many people find the city of Mount Gambier is only a transit point between South Australia major cities, Melbourne and Adelaide, which is located exactly in the middle of the path. But this city is also famous for its eponymous mountain height of 192 meters, which saw a sea captain, James Grant, the volcano Mount Schank, named in honor of Admiral John Schank, designed the ship Grant, Lady Nelson, and the incredible beauty of Blue Lake, the city's main attraction. Not to describe boring but unique geological features of the city's soil (which in the distant past used to be covered by ocean and has huge deposits of limestone), let's try to list the most attractive sides of local leisure for tourists.

Blue Lake & Centenary Tower & Mount Schank

Of course, The Blue Lake is the jewel of the city, to take a look at which people come specifically! It is located in the crater of the old volcano and has prehistoric origins. There are even special tours (Aquifer Tours) with guides right on the shore of the lake and other water sites, such as The Valley Lake, for example. Next comes the Centenary Tower by tourist importance. Located at 190 m Mount Gambier hill, it offers incredible views in all directions for many kilometers. But getting up there could be a real sporting challenge. Anyway, do not worry, there are two paths to the tower. One way is longer, but smooth, and the short way - for young ones! Mount Schank, a dormant maar volcano, or rather its edge, is also an ideal place to enjoy the surrounding area and an important part of Kanawinka Geopark. It is 300 meter in diameter and has the internal plateau with depth of 100 meters.
Mount Gambier Rsl War Museum has a very interesting collection of medals and military relics from local residents who participated in various international military conflicts. There is a variety of antiques and contemporary artifacts, souvenirs from almost all wars, some of which were donated to the museum of the city by veterans that fought. Niec move right at the entrance - armored military vehicles - also the exhibits, of course. Here, you can use the services of a hotel and a restaurant, and very close you can find a bar. Local people love this place for good price-quality ratio, as well as excellent cuisine and pleasant in all respects staff.
The city is surrounded by multiple "cave" attractions. For example, Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park will certainly show you very large stalactites and gigantic stalagmites, and all this with beautiful lighting and the ability to make stunning pictures "from another planet". Cave Gardens is such a rare urban spot that is interesting in that it is merely an ancient drain channel, but seems like a real cave with a waterfall that goes deep into the earth. Here, one is struck by the Australians, who can make an incredible and unexpected beauty from usual sump! Engelbrecht Cave, like the other scenic wonders of the region, is very attractive cave, especially for divers.

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