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Guide to Mildura
Guide to Mildura

Interesting places and facts about the city Mildura in Australia

Mildura is a small Australian town located in north of state of Victoria with a population of 31,000. The city lies on the banks of the Murray River, the longest river in Australia 1558 miles in length. The amazing River atmosphere, atypical for Australia is a unique phenomenon on the continent where ocean shores relaxation is more prevalent. The town is completely surrounded by green gardens. Such natural features made Mildura one of the largest citrus fruits and wine production centers in Australia. Be sure to visit Sunraysia Cellar Door or Oak Estate Winery to taste several varieties of local wine and bring it to your friends. Different kinds of water-based activities along with scenic Murray River cruises and houseboat excursions are also available for foreign travelers in Mildura. Being a home of famous restaurateur Stefano de Pieri, the city also acquired the reputation of a culinary center.
If you come to Miduru for the weekend, don't miss the opportunity to see 11 Lock (Lock, Weir and Lock & Island), the main attraction in the town. You can get to the island only by river ferry that regularly brings tourists to the mysterious ancient castle. Mildura Arts Centre Rio Vista & Homestead is another prominent landmark located in the local Park among exotic plants. The ancient Victorian-style building will help you learn more about the history of Australia and provide an opportunity to admire the wonderful paintings and an aristocratic atmosphere. Mungo National Park located close to Broken Hill is a perfect place to spend a fine time with children and even see exotic animals such as kangaroos, ostriches and the Eagles. Visit RAAF Memorial & Museum if you are interested in the the second world war events.
Are you going to spend the weekend as a family? No problem! A lovely little city of the developed country is ready to offer you and your children entertainment centers, parks, museums, playgrounds, etc. For example, Putt Putt Family Fun Centre accommodates a huge amount of different kinds of gaming machines, amusement and gaming areas. Want to stay in the city for another couple of days? Then take your child to the multi-storey Fun Jungle housing pools, fun mazes and sports equipment. What about inflatable slides and trampolines? The Inflatable World complex should become your next destination. Your child is tired of hot weather? Then have fun together in Aqua Coaster Mildura, a small Aqua Park where adults can play billiards or enjoy a delicious dessert at the eatery.
Mildura Brewery can give visitors an unforgettable taste of the best beers and traditional snacks to suit every taste. Relax after an eventful day full of sightseeing and other tourist activities. In the evening, Arnnie's Laserforce is the best place to visit. Laser mazes, pool tables, air hockey and other entertainment as well as bars and eateries can be found here.
Thai-riffic located on Langtree Avenue is one of the most popular restaurants in Mildura. Here you can experience Thai cuisine as well as Australian and Oriental dishes. Unknown exotic flavors combined with original Interior will make your evening romantic. Visit Stefano's and other good restaurants at the Grand Hotel if you are ready to enjoy really special and expensive meals. Many local bars, on the contrary, can offer a budget tourist inexpensive lunch-time deals.

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