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Guide to Mikkeli
Guide to Mikkeli

Interesting places and facts about the city Mikkeli in Finland

Among the blue lakes of Finland, in a beautiful area, the city of Mikkeli is located. Today, Mikkeli is the center of the Finnish province of South Savo. This is a great place for a family holiday in Finland. The abundance of entertainment for adults and children, a diverse excursion program and the friendliness of local residents will make the time spent here very enjoyable and memorable!

Points of Interest and Landmarks of Mikkeli

The majestic building of the cathedral Mikkelin tuomiokirkko rises on the central city square. Neo-Gothic style is manifested in all its features: in a high spire, pointed turrets and lancet stained-glass windows. The building of red brick was built at the end of the 19th century and can simultaneously accommodate up to 1200 believers. On the hill, almost in the center of Mikkeli, there is an observation tower Naysvuri, built of white stone in the 30s of last century. Having taken the lift to the viewing platform, you can see the city and surroundings, buildings, using the installed optical devices.
You can explore the stone sacristy of Kivisakasti in the church of Savilahti dating back to the 16th century. A small plastered room is furnished very ascetic – in a monastic style. Here are various ancient objects of church utensils and icons. The visit to the Museum of Infantry in the building of the old army barracks will appeal to adults and children. The collection includes samples of weapons and uniforms, used in the Finnish army from the end of the 19th century to present day. Fragments of the past battles are recreated on special stands using mock-ups of equipment and soldiers’ figurines.

Things to do with children in Mikkeli

The best extreme entertainment park in the country Xon Park Mikkeli will leave a lot of unique impressions to parents and children. Children can roll downhill in a special ball Zorbing, jump on a trampoline or fly with a catapult. In winter, it is worth taking part in exciting snowmobile races. Some attractions involve age restriction. The park offers rent of rollers, skateboards and bicycles. Visiting the nature center of Urpola will bring pleasure to the whole family. Walking through the unique parkland attraction, you will learn about the flora and fauna of this part of Finland. Small animals and birds are not afraid of people, they are very interesting to observe. Here, you can watch wonderful films about wildlife.
In a small and cozy restaurant Pruuvi you can have a delicious lunch at quite reasonable prices. The quality of the local dishes is very good, they are prepared from environmentally friendly products. The waiters serve guests with dishes of European and local cuisines. The wine list includes a variety of drinks. The quality of staff work is very high.

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