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Guide to Mackay
Guide to Mackay

Interesting places and facts about the city Mackay in Australia

Mackay is a small Australian town located in the eastern part of the state of Queensland on the shore of the Coral Sea. Comfortable and green town with a population of only 73 thousand are often called "Sugar Capital" because of the corresponding specialization of the region, which produces a third of the country's sugar cane (hence the name of the city). The unique natural conditions have made this town an important agricultural center of Australia. James Cook became the first European to see this land in 1770, when the local Aborigines called it their home. Despite the discovery, the first Europeans visited Mackay in 1860 and founded a settlement here, which became an official city in 1903 due to the developing of local sugar cane industry. Not far from the coast (about 50 km) are the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Pioneer River with a length of 120 km is the main source of fresh water in the region.
Despite the popularity of neighboring cities and regions, the tourism industry in Makkae is still developing. At the same time such well-known tourist destinations like Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef located close to the city attract the major part of tourists who come in Queensland on holiday. Clean sandy beaches is the main treasure of the city. Among the numerous city beaches locals often choose Harbor Beach as the safest and most developed Beach in the region. In addition, Illavong, Far, and Town Beaches are closest to the city center and are also popular among travelers. Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens and Eungella National Park located 80 km from the city are some of the most notable attractions in Mackay.
The important transportation hub of state of Queensland has a railway, airport, and seaport (a few kilometers outside the town). An important "Bruce" highway connecting Mackay with Brisbane, the capital of the State, crosses the city and passes along the coast. As for public transport, locals and tourists can quickly reach all the districts of the city, coastal area, and suburban airport by city buses. The Hay Point, one of the world's largest ports specialized in the export of coal, is located forty kilometers away from Mackay. North Coast railway line connects Mackay with major cities such as Brisbane and Cairns.
Festival of Arts, the largest statewide cultural festival, every year takes place in Mackay in the summer. If you came to Mackay in July, you are very lucky! During the Festival, locals enjoy listening to live music and visiting exhibitions of famous Australian artists as well as bright theatrical performances. In addition, the incendiary dances and traditional wine and cheese can make a vacation more enjoyable and joyful. River Sessions Festival is the most popular music festival of Central Queensland. So besides a beach relaxation and shopping trips you can visit the concerts of young musical artists and listen to rock, hip-hop, alternative, folk or dance music.

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