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Guide to Luton
Guide to Luton

Interesting places and facts about the city Luton in Great Britain

England is a wonderful country. There are many interesting places attractive for travelers from all over the world. One of them is Luton, a small town located near the British capital. The city gladly welcomes tourists who want to see a typical province of England on the background of the sparkling beauty and wealth of London.

Places to visit in Luton

Numerous ancient buildings of Luton attract travelers with their medieval architecture and appearance.%An important landmark is the Luton Airport located here since 1938. Today, it is among the five best in London. Since 1976, the friendly city hosts a noisy, bright and colorful carnival, which annually attract over 100 thousand people who want to see this amazing show.%Be sure to visit the beautiful Wardown Park. Here you can see the historical Museum and the art gallery housing amazing works as well as St Mary's Church built more than 850 years ago.
Stockwood Park is another attraction of Luton. The park is famous for its interesting exhibits as well as a large collection of horse-drawn carts, and one of them has been provided to the solemn coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Luton has its own football club, which is the pride of the city.

Traveling with children

The biggest Zoo in the United Kingdom is located in a wonderful corner of Luton. Every young traveler will enjoy time spent here, watching the various (about 2.5 thousand) wild animals from all corners of the globe.
The opportunity to communicate with horses in Stockwood Park can become an unforgettable experience for your kids. In addition to watching the noble animals here you can try yourself as a horseman. Numerous playgrounds where everyone will find something to occupy his time are also available. Older boys will be able to play football on the football fields and even try themselves as rugby players.

Gourmet tour

Luton is glad to offer a wide variety of food to each tourist. There is a good restaurant serving Thai food called Nakorn. Enjoy a beautiful, bright Interior, a friendly atmosphere and good food, especially duck salad. All this attracts both the locals and foreign travelers.
Frog & Rhubarb is a great restaurant serving national English cuisine. Be sure to try the delicious roasted lamb. More juicy pork breast cannot be found anywhere else. Concerning the baking, rabbit pie and, of course, pudding are the most popular dishes.

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