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Guide to Luanda
Guide to Luanda

Interesting places and facts about the city Luanda in Angola

Every tourist exploring Africa have to visit Angola and, of course, Luanda, its famous capital. The main part of the economy of Angola is connected with oil production, but despite this, the tourism sector is also well-developed. There are many monuments dedicated to the history of Africa and slave trade. The Portuguese left a huge imprint on the country's culture, traditions and architecture. The main language in Luanda is also Portuguese. Besides it, people speak local dialects, mostly Bantu.

Nature and Weather

The Luanda's climate is tropical, but not hot. It is pretty mild due to the presence of the Benguela Current. The city is located at the mouth of the Kwanza River, from which the local currency got its name. There are shrubby savannah, which is a home for wild animals like zebra, various species of antelope, leopards and hyenas in the vicinity of the city. In recent years, the number of animals has fallen dramatically due to poaching. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the city contain many species of fish and crustaceans, sea turtles, and if you're lucky, here you can even see whales.
The main city attractions are undoubtedly architectural structures, often combining African and European styles. Tourists should visit the Fortress of San Miguel, the Jesuit Church in the city center, the university and the former residence of the governor. These buildings were built in the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries and are excellent examples of colonial architecture.
Among the savannah you can find farms and coffee plantations where pretty interesting excursions are regularly held. Typically, such excursions end with a tasting of aromatic drink and the opportunity to buy some coffee as a souvenir. Luanda offers many kilometers of excellent beaches on the Atlantic coast for foreign beach lovers. In addition to relaxing on the beach travelers can also enjoy diving, surfing and boating. Lovers of cultural activities must visit the museums of Luanda such as the Historical Museum and the National Museum of Slavery. In addition, Luanda hosts various exhibitions and expositions dedicated to the oil industry and the national economy of the region.
There are many beautiful parks where you can walk with children in the Angolan capital. The beach area and the local water parks have special children's amusement rides. And, of course, exciting tours to the suburbs for the wildlife discovering are also available. However, do not leave your children unattended and avoid unknown fruits and vegetables. For your own safety, you should be vaccinated against major tropical diseases before visiting Africa.
Cuisine of Luanda is a mixture of Portuguese and African traditions. Main dishes are all sorts of snacks with vegetables and seafood, fruit salads and smoothies, meat and fish baked with pepper sauce. Among side dishes, the dishes of beans, corn and rice flavored with local spices are very popular. A local bread resembles corn chips. The city has several restaurants serving local and European cuisines. Cais De Quatro located on Martan Mohammed Avenue is considered an excellent restaurant that can satisfy demands of refined gourmets.

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