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Guide to Lorian
Guide to Lorian

Interesting places and facts about the city Lorian in France

Lorient is the fourth most populous city in the French province of Brittany. The island of Groix saves it from the fury of the ocean. As a result, a large harbor appeared here. Soon it turned into a very refined city pleasing the numerous travelers today.

Major Attractions

The marine past of Lorient is reflected in the Oceanographic Museum. It is housed not in the building, but in a fishing vessel taken out of service. All lovers of the sea depth are eager to get acquainted with the delights of ocean waters here. Lorient port - despite the destruction - is extremely important, even for foreign visitors. A variety of water competitions are constantly gathering a large audience - they are very adventurous. Anyone can become a spectator, including you. National music festivals have been held in Lorient for 45 years. They also gather many participants, fans, and just lovers of celebrations. Almost everyone who have visited the festival comes to Lorient again.
Be sure to visit the mentioned above island of Groix. Here you can admire an amazing view of the sea and a piece of the wonderful land. According to travelers, the evening photographs of the city taken from its shores are pretty good. The majestic Lorient Interceltic Festival has been held for the last 46 years. The celebration attracts a lot of cultural figures from all territories where the Celts live - the United Kingdom, Galicia, Australia. Last year, 750 thousand people took part in the festival. Over fifty musical bands pass through the streets - this is a kind of closing ceremony.

Where to go with the children in Lorient?

First, go to an unsightly building, from the doors of which you can see the shore. Appearance is deceptive in this case: this is a museum complex dedicated to French-Indian trade in the past. Locals call it a monument of imperialism, tourists often come here with their kids. Kerguelen Center is mainly focused on water recreation. It is easy enough to rich it - for example, just 8 km away from the hotel Escale Oceania Lorient. The place is ideal for those wishing to swim and dive under the supervision of experienced professionals, without undue effort.
Le Jardin Gourmand provides the opportunity to dine in a business room. There is an excellent outdoor terrace where guests can choose French-style dishes and a wide range of seafood. The establishment is recommended for commercial purposes and romantic dates at the same time. The average bill is $ 100.

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