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Guide to London
Guide to London

Interesting places and facts about the city London in Great Britain

London is an amazing and mysterious city, the largest of those on the British Isles, and definitely the oldest one. It is a place of historical monuments, honed architectural ensembles, most important museums in the world, magnificent art galleries, picturesque suburbs, and broad shady parks, reminding the atmosphere of the village Shire from Lord of the Rings movie.

Symbols of the city

Traditional symbols of London are St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, the place of coronation and burial of British monarchs while people’s common place is Trafalgar Square, on which meetings, mass celebrations, and demonstrations are often held. Indeed, the Big Ben and the Tower had to be the first in this list, but they rather comprise historical treasure and act as a museum place than a symbol of London, which, today, may be presented even by well known usual things.

London’s Unique Things

The famous public subway itself or the London’s Tube was created in the distant past. But today, its map, tickets, and cards are such things that imply an attraction with preserved typical and even historical features as “Mind The Gap” inscriptions that should yet be deciphered by modern people. The phone box or the booth is now one of the most recognizable symbol of the city serving now as a monument to the bygone era. Its red color, a trend in London, initially was extremely helpful in finding the booth in the fog. Do not forget to ride on another famous red thing - a double-decker bus. These are depicted on many postcards from the city. Black cabs are other unique things that form an image of London taxis and an impression of reliability and charm as well as Scotland Yard officers’ helmets which are also black and form an unique design template.
London Millennium Footbridge is the place where the city appears in all its glory. Do not forget to use camera to take a shot of the greatness and serenity of the River Thames. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is the best place to explore the vast landscapes, and a perfect place for large-scale festivals and celebrations. London Eye will allow you to see the city from a height of 45 floors from a bit futuristic luxury cabins with air conditioning - comfort for all the guests of the city!
Nightlife in London is known as one of the most dynamic and diverse things in the world. This is true for everything: clubs, live concerts, trendy bars, and traditional pubs. Party people from all over the world, and especially dance music or Ministry of Sound lovers, tend to visit the club called Fabric. Jazz lovers prefer Ronnie Scott's establishment or Jazz Cafe, a restaurant with futuristic white walls, where you can often hear the bold combination of Latin rhythms, rap, funk and hip-hop. As far as the blues Station Tavern is the best place in London. Indispensable attribute of nightlife in London is themed evenings, which are almost undiscoverable without street flyers.

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