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Guide to Ljubljana
Guide to Ljubljana

Interesting places and facts about the city Ljubljana in Slovenia

Although Ljubljana is not as popular among tourists as well-known European destinations like Prague, Krakow and Dresden, travelers who have visited it often refer the "Dragon City" to the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe. The capital of small Slovenia does not have a large size as well as high population density. At the same time, Ljubljana is the country's largest city and its cultural center, which is home for more than 13 percent of population. The capital lies on the banks of the Ljubljanica river, where according to legend, Jason, the leader of Argonauts, defeated the winged serpent. Local think that this legend has become the cause of appearance of a serpent (or dragon) image on the Slovenian capital's coat of arms.

Entertainment and main attractions

Compact size of the city allows to explore all the sights and get to interesting places for just one day. Ljubljanica River divides the city into two parts: the Old Town and the New Town. Traditionally, tourists are primarily interested in visiting the Old town, because here they can appreciate a cultural and historical heritage of the capital. Ljubljana Castle, a medieval fortress of the 12th century is located on the right bank of the river (Old Town), just on a hill. The favorable position above the city will allow you to explore all of its attractions. Then go to Preseren Square and admire the Triple Bridge, which connects main town squares. Nearby are Tivoli City Park and the famous Dragon Bridge, the most recognizable architectural monument in Ljubljana.
If you are interested in Slovenian cuisine and want to get personally acquainted with its traditions, go to the traditional restaurants, which offer travelers the most colorful national dishes. Be sure to pay attention to Slovenian bread that has special ingredients and a unique taste. The inhabitants of Ljubljana as well as all Slovenians like cooking various soups such as chevapchichi (soup with sausages), gouveia and kisla juha (beef and pork). Locals also enjoy meat dishes, including stuffed peppers, pork sausagespilaf, and dishes of horse meat that, by the way, you can try in a special restaurant called Hot-Horse.
In order to learn about the history of the capital and the whole of Slovenia, tourists are recommended to to go to local museums, which presents interesting exhibits and household articles connected with a life of the ancient Slovenes. For example, the National Museum of Slovenia houses many objects of archaeological excavations found in the city over the past decades. The most visited Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova will help you have a good time with kids and learn many new things. Why don't you visit the local museum of beer? After visiting the museum and tasting Slovenian beer, do not forget to buy a bottle of local wine, known worldwide.
The northern part of Ljubljana concentrates the largest number of shops and shopping centers. Here, tourists can buy traditional souvenirs, find clothes from Slovenian designers and European brands. Walk a little further away from Preseren Square and visit the city market, where local buy vegetables, spices, fruits, and other Slovenian delicacies at favourable prices. The city center attracts tourists not only with its unique architecture, but also with modern art galleries, housing reproductions of world art masterpieces.

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