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Guide to Liverpool
Guide to Liverpool

Interesting places and facts about the city Liverpool in Great Britain

Of course, the stars such as Beatles could avoid leaving a huge mark on the history of the city. There is even a museum dedicated to the "Fab Four", as well as a huge number of other themed establishments. For the global fame of Liverpool the eponymous football club is literally fighting on regular basis. Of course, things just simply turn around two above symbols of the city, but Liverpool has much to offer even besides them!

City’s Highlights

If you want to "smell the sea" and find the port in the middle of the city, you should definitely visit Albert Dock. It is a great place to walk, that gives a moment of calm and a moment to catch a breath. The Museum of the Beatles is nearby as well as many restaurants. Use this point as a start of your trip to Liverpool. Liverpool Cathedral is one of the main reasons to visit Liverpool. Photos are unable to convey the beauty of this grandiose building with wonderful mosaics and architecture. Mendips, John Lennon's home in Woolton district, affects fans primarily by the fact that it is quite an ordinary house in a row of exactly the same ones. But a genius came out of here, and usual people from the neighboring houses. It somehow seems a little unusual especially because you can get inside this ordinary house only by the pre-bookable guided tours.
Just like the Mendips, Cavern Club is number one place in Liverpool where it all began not only for John Lennon but also for all his friends. This place is was called the "Cave Of Beatles" because of a real chaos starting at 6 pm with endless loud live music performances and even spontaneous events. Laughterhouse Comedy is a "little gem" of the city. Here, in a completely informal atmosphere, you can enjoy stand-up performances of comic geniuses of our time. Liverpool's vibrant nightlife offers places for all tastes. A good selection of beer and cocktails with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere can be found in the Motel Bar. If you are an adherent of the old-fashioned pubs, then you'd like the atmosphere in the Midland Pub or the Coopers Town, small but original places, full of fun, and where you can enjoy karaoke!
World Museum located in the center is a great five story building with cosmic, dinosaurs, historical exhibits, and many other works of art from different cultures and eras. It’s definitely worth visiting with kids. The tour here may take a whole day - be careful! Walker Art Gallery is one of the largest museums in the country. It can surprise even usual people with bright and rich Victorian collections that include works of such geniuses as Turner, Rossetti, Leighton, Millais. Liverpool Town Hall is especially impressive and excellent piece of architecture. It is the bottomless pit of local history. In the past, this place was closed to the public. So you should definitely take the chance to get acquainted with its surroundings and the building itself.

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