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Guide to Linz
Guide to Linz

Interesting places and facts about the city Linz in Austria

Linz is Austria's third largest city, both in size and importance. After all, it is the capital of the northwestern region of the Upper Austria. During the Second World War, this place spared the bombings of enemy's troops. And this is reflected in today's historical heritage in form of architectural monuments. The city cannot be directly compared with Vienna, but Linz has become a recognized cultural center of Europe in 2009. Not only the old buildings are a feature of the city, because there is also a thriving art in all its forms, as well as high technology and industry.

Ancient Cake

Indeed, at first it is worth noting a local "flavor" of Linz - a cooked according to 350 year old recipe. It has an appropriate name Linzer Torte. This is the most ancient bakery miracle in the world!


It may seem strange, but it became important to describe the transport capabilities of different European cities. Agree with that not everyone is ready to walk for a long time or come here on his own car. Linz has ramified system of various convenient public transport. Still, the best option for sightseeing in the region is a car for rent. Here it is more than affordable, and also there are plenty of free parking spaces. If the weather allows you, be sure to rent a bicycle, and combine active leisure with the city's sights inspection.
The first place just mandatory to visit by any shopper is Landstrase. The street where many boutiques are located but a huge mall Arkade should be of particular interest for you. Another special point of buying things is local flea market, which operates starting from November till the very spring. After all, we're now in the "Christmas City"! Location of the fair - right opposite the New Town Hall. It is called - Flohmarkte. We advise you to go there before lunch.
If have you suddenly found yourself at Hauptplatz Square in the Old Town, please note, that there is no such medieval squares in whole all Austria! Gothic masterpieces here are: a column of the Holy Trinity, as well as the Town Hall, dating 1513. Today, museums are open on almost every corner, and nearby you can find the Old Cathedral, that was built in perfect baroque style, and the New Cathedral, which on the contrary is in neo-Gothic style; also it is interesting to look inside Saint Martin Church, dating 799. Only imagine that! Among other interesting ancient buildings a huge castle Linzer Schloss is standing out as a place of residence of Frederick III. Another similar castle is Landhaus.
Modern architecture of Linz is represented by a bright modern Brucknerhaus, where behind a glass facade various concerts are held, Lentos, an art gallery which is a home for exhibition of electronic arts Ars Electronica, which is held each year and gathers lovers of avant-garde from all over the world. The city hosts a popular film festival Crossing Europe, and even carnival of clowns called Pflasterspektakel! This day fills the streets of the Gothic city with fun, impromptu performances of acrobats and mimes. The city is a center for musical event Cloud of Sounds, and open-air Linz Festival.

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