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Guide to La Paz
Guide to La Paz

Interesting places and facts about the city La Paz in Mexico

La Paz is located in Mexico in the state of South Lower California and is its capital. The population of the city is about 200 thousand people. The city is located on the Pacific coast and is a favorite vacation destination for tourists from many countries. In addition, in the coastal waters of La Paz, locals mine pearls. A hot weather holds in the city all year round, which makes it attractive for tourists. Besides, the beaches are very clean and beautiful here. Here is the bay of the California Gulf, so there are almost no waves in the city.

Points of Interest and Landmarks of La Paz

The landmark of the city is its central square, which is called Hardin Velasco. Here is the cathedral, which was built at the end of the 19th century. Because La Paz is a beach recreation area, its beaches can also be called sights. The most famous of them are: Coromuel, Pichillinga, El Tesoro, Simancito, as well as the cozy Balandra beach, where the famous rock in the shape of a mushroom is located.

Things to do in La Paz

The tourists can find a lot of entertainment right on the beach of La Paz. The beach offers you surfing, diving and other kinds of beach sports. In addition, La Paz is a paradise for lovers of sport fishing. The coast of La Paz, together with the nearby islands of Partida and Espiritu Santo, is a unique nature reserve. It is inhabited by various species of animals, some of which are rare. In total, there are more than a thousand species of plants and animals in the reserve with a colony of seals among them.
Walks along the coast by a yacht, during which you can watch whales and dolphins, are also very popular with tourists. The Regional Museum of Natural History tells about the history of the city of La Paz and the state of South Lower California. The theater of La Paz regularly hosts productions of various genres. The theater is located in a very beautiful modern building. Golf courses give an opportunity to everyone who wants to try a hand at this “aristocratic” sport. There are many shops and malls. Also, the city has several modern cinemas, where you can watch new catch-ups of world cinema.
There is a large serpentarium in La Paz. Here, you can see many different kinds of snakes, reptiles, turtles, spiders and fish.

Restaurants of La Paz

La Paz has a lot of places where you can try the cuisine of different countries. For example, Dock Cafe serves traditional Mexican cuisine. The atmosphere here is always quiet and peaceful. This is a great place for a quiet dinner with family or a romantic date on the restaurant's outdoor terrace.

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