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Guide to Kununurra
Guide to Kununurra

Interesting places and facts about the city Kununurra in Australia

Many people know Kununurra as a distant Northeastern Australian city that is located in the right bank of the Ord River but a few people know that it was established as the municipal unit only in 1961. It is very young! The aborigines call it "the place of big waters meeting". It is true as the region itself is an important Ord River Irrigation Area, and its dam is one of the most famous local landmarks. We believe this city is a mecca for naturalists. So let's explore why.

Western Australia

Why such a heading? The answer is simple - the region of Western Australia, in which the City is located is actually the most ancient territory of modern Earth after breaking the old monolithe continent. So, one can only imagine how many mysteries and hidden landscapes are located here as well as very interesting and inspiring rock paintings with age of near 50 000 years back. All this is harmonically complemented with magnificent nature and micro environments that are absent in any other part of our planet.

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