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Guide to kingston
Guide to kingston

Interesting places and facts about the city kingston in Jamaica

Kingston, the pearl of the Caribbean, is the capital and largest city of Jamaica with a population of about 580 thousand people. There are no ancient ruins and a large number of museums but you will definitely discover something new, exciting and interesting having visited this city once. The high level of crime in the city make tourists to be more vigilant and careful in the capital of Jamaica. However, if you are interested in cultural life and entertainment in the city center, the journey will be quiet and interesting.

Public transportation in Kingston

Convenient transport infrastructure will allow the budget tourists to move freely around the hot city from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The city buses stop only at properly equipped bus stops, so travelers will need to calculate their time according to the timetables. Taxi can be alternative to cheap buses (about 50-80 JMD). It is recommended to order taxi directly in a hotel or hostel for security purposes. The convenient location of the city allows tourists and locals to get to any point of the island country by bus or taxi.
If you want to use your time as productively as possible, rent a fast and reliable car for personal purposes. The relatively small size of the city will allow you to discover the most unexplored corners of the capital. Perhaps the most popular Car Rental Company of Kingston is the Island .

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