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Kyiv is a big green city with centuries of history, which lies on the banks of the Dnipro River. Today, the capital of Kievan Rus is the largest city of Ukraine and its cultural, political, religious, and economic center. The seventh most populous city in Europe with a population of about 3 million people is called the "Mother of All Russian cities" to this day, people devoted Kyiv hundreds of literary works, songs, and poems. Tourists can find here a lot of monuments of the Soviet era, stroll through the green parks with fountains and admire the golden domes of St Volodymyr's,Trinity Cathedrals, and visit the legendary Kyiv Pechersk Lavra founded in 1051.

Kyiv Attractions

Multiple monasteries, cathedrals, and even underground churches reflect the rich cultural and religious heritage of the Ukrainian capital. In addition to religious shrines cues boasts other famous architectural masterpieces, such as the Golden Gate, the Opera House, the mysterious Castle of Richard the Lionheart, House with Chimaeras. The famous Independence Square deserves a special attention. This place has become a real battlefield for the Ukrainian citizens who are fighting for their independence and European values. In 2013, a prolonged mass protest action was organized here, which led to regime change and attracted the attention of the world community to the political problems of the country.
A variety of public transport as well as its low price is a big plus in Kyiv. Every day people ride the subway to get to the right places in a few minutes. Although the Ukrainian capital also offers tourists taxis, buses, funiculars, and trams, the subway remains a favorite transport of Kyivans for more than 50 years. The deepest station of the Kiev Metro is "Arsenalna Station" located at a depth of 105 meters. Feel free to book a taxi - you will pay the fare from UAH 30 depending on length of trip. Local taxi drivers are happy to talk about the city, local attractions, and how to reach them.
Ukrainian cuisine is full of hearty dishes: Kyivans like a hearty and tasty meals. The most "Ukrainian" is considered to be traditional borsch, vareniki, cutlets, and, of course, world famous Ukrainian lard. If we talk about Kiev's culinary traditions, Kyiv cake that can be bought in almost any supermarket at affordable price is very popular among the locals and guests of the city. Local restaurants and cafes offer visitors from around the world European service, fresh food, reasonable prices and multinational dishes. In the evening you can go to McDonald's, enjoy sushi or go to an expensive Italian restaurant, depending on your budget, mood, and taste preferences.
Kiev is a large educational center with numerous universities, where learn young people from all over Ukraine and CIS countries. Young energy lights the fires of nightclubs, bars, and entertainment centers. In their spare time Kyivans like to have fun and visit night clubs, providing their guests with loud music, hard liquors, and hot dances. Local and tourists often celebrate holidays in such clubs as Forsage, INDIGO, Caribbean Club or SKYBAR. Going to one of the popular local clubs will cost no more than 300-500 UAH, if in addition to the entry fee you are going to order some food and hot drinks. After visiting a club enjoy the views of Kiev at last and call a taxi to get safely to your hotel.

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