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Guide to Kent
Guide to Kent

Interesting places and facts about the city Kent in Great Britain

Kent County is located in the south-east of England. Entering the territory of the county, endless hop fields for beer making catch the eye immediately. Enjoy the warmest places in the whole of England, summer temperatures often rise above 35 degrees. The local nature is completely unique, even exotic plant species can be found here. Most of the county is planted with elegant gardens in the strict English style. Compared with the rest of England, Kent features the largest concentration of castles.

Kent Attractions

The huge medieval Rochester Castle located in Rochester is striking in its majesty. Fans of medieval culture will appreciate the massive walls of the castle that inspire confidence. Over the centuries the castle defended its inhabitants and is preserved to this day. Leeds Castle is a bright landmark, which has a few more features. The huge giant occupying two islands impresses with its scale. There is a large yew park consisting of thousands of trees inside the medieval building. It also houses an interesting museum.
St Martin's Church is the oldest church in the county. It was founded in the 6th century and has survived to the present day. The Church today is open to parishioners. The building features a typical medieval style.

Places to visit in Kent

Hawking Saint is definitely worth a visit. It is a park where you can relax and even hand feed local birds. The long tunnels sheltering people during the war can be explored under the city of Ramsgate. The tour through this place allows you to understand better how people lived here during the war. There are various exhibits dedicated to that time in the tunnels: posters, clothes, devices.
Menston city invites history lovers to visit the Military Aviation Museum. The museum offers free admission.

Places to visit in Kent

Diggerland UK Theme Park is the most interesting place for your children in Kent. It is a big meadow with hills and ravines, which can be plowed, leveled and dug driving the real building machines. Kids enjoy excavators and bulldozers and are happy to drive construction site engines. It will be extremely interesting for older kids to visit The local Micro Museum. The old computers, modems, telephones, and TVs are presented as exhibits here. The museum has a huge collection of video games, which were popular in the 90s.
Dishes offered by local restaurants are quite diverse. Restaurants located in the coastal areas serve seafood dishes as well as strong English beer. French and Italian cuisines enjoy great popularity in the regions located closer to the center. All the restaurants in Kent have a common feature such as large portions. Choose any local restaurant, and you will not be disappointed. Local cuisine will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

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