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Guide to Karlsruhe
Guide to Karlsruhe

Interesting places and facts about the city Karlsruhe in Germany

Karlsruhe is a small town situated on the banks of the Rhine. The city founded in 1715 was a capital of the State of Baden-Württemberg until 1945. Today it is the third large city by population in the Baden lands. The town is notable for its layout and attractions, which are described in our review article.

The most interesting sights

The famous Karlsruhe pyramid is one of the symbols of Karlsruhe It is located in the centre of the market square and keeps remains of Charles III William, the founder of this city. Entrance to the pyramid is not available for most tourists, but a special permission allows you to get inside to see a stone slab with a city map and a tombstone. Karlsruhe Palace once served as the residence of the Margraves, and today it is a museum of the land of Baden. It is located right in the city centre, and 32 streets radiate out from it, symbolizing the compass of that time. By the way, thanks to such a feature Karlsruhe got a nickname "fan city." 158 steps lead up to the castle tower offering magnificent view of the whole city.

Places to visit

Ruins of the Durlach Castle can be found on Turmberg mountain located 6 km away from Karlsruhe Palace. The castle built in the late 11th century was destroyed in 1279 on the orders of Conrad III Lichtenberg. Today, tourists can get to the ruins by ropeway constructed in 1888. The Center for Art and Media was founded in 1989 on the site of a former munitions factory. The purpose of the center is to study information technology, all kinds of art, as well as consequences of their impact on society and culture. There are two museums, three research institutes and a media library.

Places to go with kids

Relaxing in Europabad spa is good for your children's health. In addition to massage rooms and enjoyable cosmetic procedures, the center provides kids with a variety of attractions and slides. Adults can relax by the pool while their children enjoy playing in the playground. To see animals inhabiting the local forests and fauna from exotic countries, head to Karlsruhe Zoo. There are more than 150 common and rare species of animals. It is considered to be one of the oldest in Europe, being founded about 150 years ago.

Cuisine and Restaurants

Be sure to visit Poseidon restaurant to enjoy authentic Greek cuisine. Grilled seafood delicacies attract many locals and tourists throughout the day. Every day the local chefs prepare "daily specials", so visiting the Poseidon restaurant will not be boring and monotonous.
Have a good evening with friends, enjoying Italian food and live music at the trendy restaurant called Portale 50. Its spacious hall every day invites city guests and locals. On a note: every month the restaurant offers new specialties. Here you can also spend small celebrations.

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