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Guide to Kalgoorlie
Guide to Kalgoorlie

Interesting places and facts about the city Kalgoorlie in Australia

Tourists and many Australians often call Kalgoorlie, the fifth largest city in Western Australia, a "Gold Capital" of the country. The city begins its development in the late 19th century during the Australian gold rushes when Europeans have discovered the large gold deposits on the territory of the town. Located 370 miles from Perth, the capital of state of Western Australia, the present-day Kalguri attracts tourists from Europe, Asia, and America with rich historical heritage and a romantic atmosphere. Unlike many other tourist centers, green and cozy Kalguri with a population of 28 000 located far away from noisy city offers all visitors a measured and peaceful family holidays.


The Gold Rush times turned Kalguri into one of the most popular gold mining centers in Australia. By the late 19th century, the city had a population of about 200,000, but after the appearance of some major gold mining companies the city gradually acquired its modern look. Numerous architectural monuments built in the 19th century remind us of those distant times when the city was full of adventurers from around the world. Besides the"Gold" attractions travelers are also interested in a culture of the local Aboriginal people, their art and historical heritage. The famous Super Pit gold mine is located on the outskirts of town. Be sure to visit the largest open-pit mine in Australia where the majority of the locals are employed.
Like any other Australian city, Kalguri has unique culinary traditions, which are the result of the Aboriginal and European cultures interaction. Local restaurants and cafes offer visitors some interesting and unusual dishes typical for the Australian regions. Keep in mind that there are no luxury restaurants for millionaires. At the same time you are sure to find a cozy cafe offering a "tasty" menu. As a rule, the menu of such small restaurants includes traditional Australian as well as modified British and European cuisines. Taste the real Australia and make the appropriate conclusions! But keep in mind that tips are often included in the bill!
The quiet town in Western Australia can not offer European tourists huge shopping malls accommodating hundreds of shops or fashion boutiques. But it does not mean that the traditional souvenirs, essential goods, leisure goods, clothing and accessories are not available for you in local shopping centers and stores. You will be able to go shopping on foot, since the main selling points are located in the city center. The comfortable buses represent a public transport in the region. You can also get to Perth, the nearest metropolis, by train, plane or intercity bus. Local mainly use private cars to reach the nearest towns.
The period from October to March is the ideal for a trip to Kalguri, since it is the warmest time of the year with an average temperature of at least 25 ° C. Choose other months to travel if you want to enjoy the cool weather. Numerous local green parks are very popular among tourists mainly due to exotic Australian animals. For example, the local parrots are not afraid of people, and often surprise tourists and their kids with their funky tricks. Leave the children at home if you want to go on an excursion to a brothel, where you can learn more about the priestess of love, their job and life in this region in the 19-20 centuries.

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