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Guide to Innsbruck
Guide to Innsbruck

Interesting places and facts about the city Innsbruck in Austria

Innsbruck is one of the largest ski resorts in Austria. It is located at a busy location in the Eastern Alps, with a large number of trade, transport and tourism communications passing through. The city itself represents a 800-year history starting from the time of Roman Emperor Augustus who built a defensive fortress in this strategic region of the Alps. Later, the first civilian settlement appeared close to the fortress. City of Innsbruck was first mentioned in historical chronicles in 1180. It soon becomes the main city of the Tyrol.

The most interesting attractions

The Golden Roof. All the guests of the city come here to see the Golden Roof of Innsbruck, which is its main landmark for more than 6 senturies. The roof is installed over a balcony and covered with gilded copper plates. It traditionally attracts tourists who like to make photos in this area. Hofburg Palace It was built in1460 at the order of Archduke Sigmund the Rich. This is a sample of the Gothic-style architecture, which help us learn more about the times of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe.

Places to visit

All the tourists enjoy riding the Nordkette cable car as well as amazing views of Innsbruck. The Cable car lifts the travelers up the Hafelekar mountain, which offers exceptionally beautiful panorama. «Swarovski Crystal Worlds " The Museum has opened its doors in 1995 for the anniversary of the company. The museum itself is located in a cave. Entrance to the museum is decorated with a giant head carved from stone with burning eyes and a waterfall pouring from its mouth. The walls are decorated with phrases and sayings associated with the Crystal word. The museum exhibits original works of the famous house.
Visiting the local Alpine Zoo can become an exciting adventure for the whole family. Innsbruck Zoo is located higher than all other European zoos above sea level. Children and adults will be able to meet representatives of 150 animal species. Museum of coins. Exhibits of the museum can tell you the amazing half-century history of coins and demonstrate the coin minting process of one of the very first coins in the country - thaler, which can be kept in memory as a souvenir.

Nightlife and restaurants

360 Grad Bar The bar where you can have a good time. It is located in the city centre, on the seventh floor of a shopping mall. It is noteworthy that the bar is surrounded by walls of glass. Thanks to this, sitting at a table you can enjoy magnificent views of the city. You will be offered fancy cocktails as well as cocktails to order, even if you can't find them in the menu.
Goldener Adler. This restaurant is located in a beautiful medieval building. The restaurant consists of two floors: the first features curved arches and stone interiors, at the same time second floor makes every visitor feel like he is at a dinner party: bright walls, paintings, and large windows overlooking the beautiful city. In general, everything looks harmonious and cosy. The national cuisine is presented by traditional Tyrolean dishes.

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