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Guide to Ibiza
Guide to Ibiza

Interesting places and facts about the city Ibiza in Spain

Ibiza is the capital of the island with the same name, the most beautiful and rousing island of the Mediterranean. Unique landscapes and parties annually attract about a million tourists per year. There are areas for all kinds of recreation on the island: family, entertaining, unusual. The season on the island lasts from May to October, and the peak is in July-August, so it’s better to book tours and hotels on this time until April, otherwise you may not find free places or pay an unthinkable price. There are three beaches, a historic old town and accommodation for any taste in the capital of Ibiza: from fashionable “five-stars” to hostels.


The historical center of the city is Ibiza Town, which preserved powerful medieval fortifications. The Cathedral of 13-14 century, which embodied the elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, became the decoration of the old town. Here is the church of St. Domingo.

Places to go

The list of museums in the city is limited: Necropolis of Pitch de Molin, a museum of stuff from this necropolis and an archaeological museum. You can not imagine a trip to Ibiza without visiting the hippie market. There are several of them on the island, and they work on certain days. This is a real fairy show of hand-made: designer bags, sculptures and soap, handicrafts made of handy material, author ceramics, perfumes, paintings, etc. Here you can buy a unique souvenir for any taste and budget. Also you can take a sightseeing tour, a “champagne cruise” or an excursion “Night Ibiza”. In the northern part of the island, you will see the “finger of God” – a rock raised from the sea. Visit the island of Formentera, it is very beautiful, and excursions there are easily accessible. Dedicate the remaining daytime to water sports, which are extremely developed here. In addition, there are schools of diving and windsurfing on many beaches. && Recreation with children .

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