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Guide to Hobart
Guide to Hobart

Interesting places and facts about the city Hobart in Australia

The island of Tasmania, and particularly its capital Hobart, the second oldest city in Australia, fascinates visitors with rich history combined with diverse culture and protected wildlife. Even taking the small size of the city, visiting its main attractions may take a few days.

Place To Start

A great start for touring through Hobart is its historic center, ​​Salamanca Square. Here, you will be met by lots of cultural objects built right on old sandstone buildings of Georgian Era. All this together with galleries, theaters, and cozy cafés compete with new fashionable boutiques located nearby. Every Sunday, the city's trade business comes to life. After all, this place hosts largest souvenirs fairs, as well locally produced goods, foodstuffs, beverages, and much more. On any given day, while in Salamanca, you can have delicious dinners. And it's not just seafood. You will find a huge variety of cuisines, including even haute cuisine, simply beautiful Australian coffee.

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