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Guide to Hervey Bay
Guide to Hervey Bay

Interesting places and facts about the city Hervey Bay in Australia

Harvey Bay is a small Australian town with an estimated urban population of 000000 53 people at 2015. A popular tourist center located in Queensland approximately 180 miles or 3-4 hours drive of Brisbane attracts travelers from all over the continent and foreign tourists with unique natural resources, subtropical climate, and exotic inhabitants wanders. At first glance, the eastern coast center looks like a typical Australian coastal town with small houses, but a closer acquaintance with the city will reveal a lot of interesting things. Harvey Bay economy is generally based on tourism industry. In particular, whale watching is among favorite activities among tourists. Here you can also enjoy fishing, boating and relaxing on the beaches calm.

City Attractions

If you want to have fun with your family, go to WetSide Water Park where visitors of all ages will be able to enjoy the warm swimming pools, jacuzzi and water slides. However, sunny warm beaches attract more tourists who want to experience different kinds of water activities in Harvey Bay. Visit the local historic village and museum located nearby. The city has several settlements where people live in wooden houses according to the ancient traditions. "Aboriginals" do not use electricity and other delights of civilization, enjoying coastal life. One of the buildings accommodates a separate museum housing numerous historical exhibits relating to the history of the city and the country. Noisy festivals are held every year to entertain tourists. The Regional Gallery invites all foreigners to admire paintings by local artists, which often refer to the marine theme in their works.
Fans of outdoor activities are recommended to enjoy a long cycling route that leads through the exotic Australian forests. Small wayside shops are opened so that cyclists can take a break and buy some fresh food or souvenirs. Popular boat tours organized especially for tourists who come to Harvey Bay to see the majestic whales and dolphin pods or even go diving. Sometimes travelers wait for the whales for a long time, but the sudden appearance of the marine Giants silhouettes worth hours of waiting. Local fishing companies rent special equipment and deliver fishermen to a depth so that they can go fishing far from the coast and enjoy the amazing views.
In addition to the incredible beach rest on the spacious and quiet shores of Harvey Bay, tourists together with their children can visit a local water park and several interesting museums. Oner-day trips to neighbouring cities can also be a real adventure for your children. It should be noted that trips to Tasmania island enjoy the greatest popularity among young adventurers. Older kids and even some adults can also experience traditional water activities like water skiing or jet skiing. Of course, don't miss the opportunity to visit the city Botanical Garden, where unique animals including kangaroos and koalas entertain young visitors every day.
Take a stroll through the city centre to highlight the best bars, restaurants and clubs. All-day restaurants and even a casino entertain foreign tourists all year round. The Whale Watching Capital is also famous for its various and delicious seafood. Sample exotic fish or fresh seafood dishes at one of the local restaurants. Keep in mind that local chefs know their business and like cooking such dishes! Don’t be afraid to try something new and unusual in Harvey Bay.

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