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Guide to Halkida
Guide to Halkida

Interesting places and facts about the city Halkida in Greece

Chalcis or Chalkida is one of the popular tourist destinations of Greece and the capital of the beautiful island of Euboea. It is located in a place that has determined the fate of the ancient settlement and made it a center of numerous wars. This is the coast of the island opposite the narrowest part of the Evripos Canal, at a minimum distance from the mainland.

Interesting Attractions of Chalkis

The first landmark travelers meet on the way to the city is a modern suspension bridge built in 1993. Now it is one of the most photographed places in Chalkida. But usually travelers pay more attention to the old bridge that is just a short walk away. Crazy waves raging just under the bridge is the city's most important natural attraction. They say this unique phenomenon once killed Aristotle. Among architectural sights Karababa Castle deserves special attention. The bastions of this fort located on the Furka hill offer tourists a wonderful view of the coastline.
Travelers must visit the Chapel of St. Paraskeva. In ancient times, the Temple of Artemis, one of the first Christian monuments, stood on its site. That building has survived a lot of historical events and was rebuilt during the battles with the Turks. Another widely known attraction of Chalkis is Red House where local nobility once lived. The neoclassical-style building is a true decoration of the northern part of the city waterfront.
Wonderful beaches of Chalkida with their snow-white sand, turquoise waves and a well-developed infrastructure is a great place for parents with kids. Adults are provided with sports and beach equipment for hire and numerous cafes. Younger visitors will enjoy leisure parks, animators and a lot of other entertainment facilities. Would you like to see how real archaeologists do their job? Excavations are carried out constantly in Chalkis, since the city keeps many ancient secrets preserved under the ground in its original form. You can see how scientists raise the antique polis out of the ground at Manica complex, which is open to the public. According to experts, it was inhabited by ancient people during the 20th century BC.

Restaurants and Cuisine of Chalkis

Traditional local cuisine is represented by small taverns on the seashore, serving freshly caught fish and other seafood. Olive oil is used everywhere, almost every dish contains it, which is not surprising: olive groves grow everywhere here, and olive branch is a real symbol of Greece.

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